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Super Sniper and .300 WSM 700

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Chris Farris View Drop Down

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                                                                                                                     By. Jeremy Hanks


Action.-Remington 700 short action.

Barrel.-Shilen heavy 25.5” 1/10 twist.

Chamber.-300 WSM.


Extractor.-Sako style large.

Rings.-DSA low tactical steel.

Base.-Custom 25 MOA steel one piece.


Scope.-SWFA- SS10X42M Mil-Dot.

Bipod.-Harris low-notched legs.

Scope caps.-Buttler creek.

This gun also has an oversized bolt handle, 2lb trigger and an oversized bedding lug.



I am a big .308 fan so when the new .300 WSM came out I was excited to see what it could do in a Remington short action but I soon found out that Remington was not going to chamber their guns for the new cartridge because they had their own .300 SAUM.

The two cartridges are very close in size and shape but the Winchester has a small advantage over the Remington as far as velocities are concerned.

I wanted to build a good long-range sniper style rifle and I was able to do all of the gunsmith work my self-which was great because I could take as much time and put as much work as I wanted into it.

When I go shooting, I shoot from 100 yards to 2000 yards depending on the gun I am using. I wanted to build this gun for shooting targets out to 1500 yards so I used a Remington 700 short action that I got from my 22.250, it had about 7500 rounds through it and it was about due for a new barrel anyway. Their was some careful work in opening the bolt face , installing the new Sako style extractor and truing the action , it ended up working great.

From their I put a heavy 25.5” Shilen barrel with 1/10 twist that I reamed as .300 WSM and put a nice crown on it.

I installed an oversized bedding lug and a large bolt handle, which is easy to grab with gloves. I set the trigger at a crisp 2 lbs and put a good recoil pad on which makes long shooting sessions easy.



                                                                  SWFA- SS10X42M

I ordered a Super Sniper 10X42M that is equipped with 30MM tube, Ό MOA audible clicks, large turrets that are easy to grip in any conditions including a side parallax knob that is great when shooting from a prone position. It has an etched Mil-Dot reticule in the round army style and comes with a lifetime warranty. Just incase you were wondering this scope is no longer made by Tasco , S.W.F.A owns the rights to the Super Sniper now, they have set higher standards for the current production models .I thought about getting a 16 power scope but I think this 10 power will do good in heat and close range shooting.

I have a SS16X42 along with a 20 MOA base on my .50 BMG, I have made several hits on 20” targets at 1760, and 2000 yards, I have never had a problem with it returning to zero.

One thing I can say is this is my favorite style of scope; they have been very precise and very dependable.

I put a Harris model low-notched bipod on it.

The entire rifle weighs 12.5 lbs and the recoil is nothing like the original magnum it is comfortable to shoot like a .308. After everything was assembled, I was into the rifle just over $1800.00.

Of all the bullets I tried, I went with Sierra 200 gr BTHP and 62 grains of IMR4831 at an average of 2756 fps this was the best load with average groups well under 1 inch..

One thing I would like to mention about the 210gr vld Burger bullets is after I got a zero I was able to put a three shot group that measured 17.5”on a 20”X24” target at 1200 yards. I also think that this would be a great load that would give you around 2000 lbs of energy out to 600 yards.

With the new barrel I cleaned it about every 10 rounds for the first 100 then I went to every 25 rounds from their on. For testing, I have a digital rangefinder that goes to 1635 yards on a clear day if I use a reflective target for it. I have a chronograph that is important in evaluating the spread in velocities and the effect of heat or freezing conditions, it will also gives me an indication of how well I am reloading or how consistent factory ammo is.

I try not to use anything more than a bipod and a good butt support when I am testing from a bench this way I still learn skills that I need to shoot away from the bench.

I start at 100 yards and work my way out to 800 yards in 50-yard increments, after 800 I go in 25-yard increments, this could take days or even weeks to complete not to mention 300 rounds or better of good ammo. The whole time I am charting how many clicks I need to move my crosshairs in order to hit my target. There are many charts and calculators out their that will give you an estimation of a rifles trajectory but you never really know until you do this kind of testing.

I have found these charts helpful at close ranges but after 400 yards, they can vary dramatically and out at 1000 yards they can be off ten feet or more so the best thing to do is gather as much info as you can then enter it into your calculator and this will help your next trip to the range easier.

I take all of the information that I gather and make a chart that I can tape to my gun in a spot that is easy to read in my shooting positions.

Shooting the .300, WSM at ranges out to 1500 yards was easier than I had planed due to its flatter trajectory , accuracy and speed advantage over the .308.

I did a lot of 100 to 500 yard testing with the 168 gr AMAX because this is about as far as most people will target shoot and it is within the area most people do their hunting. From 100 to about 325 yards the bullet only dropped 10 inches with a 100- yard zero. I set the scope for 300 yards , this seemed to be a good zero because it only had a high point of +4.5”at 175 yards ,a 9” drop to 400 yards and a 26” drop at 500 yards with more than 2200 ft/lbs of knock down power which would be great for hunting game. My best group at 500 yards was 1.53”.

At 500 yards, my drop was only 42”with a 100 yard zero and at 1000 yards; it was 220”, which is about 140” better than my .308. It was not until after 1000 yards that I started to see a major down curve in trajectory for instance at 1200 yards, it dropped 417” and at 1500 yards it had dropped 810” from the 100 yard zero. You might say 810 inches how can you have any control over the bullet or even come close to what you aim at. Well it is not as bad as you think, I was able to hit 15” targets with one to three shots each at 1500 yards and with the scope zeroed at this ra

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longbow308 View Drop Down
Optics Apprentice
Optics Apprentice

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Very nice Chris

i am working on saveing up to build a 300wsm the diff.
will be i will use a snider tube. and a A-5 stock.
looks like i'm going to have to get me one of those
SS scopes also, my problem will be finding a shooting
range long enough to get 1200 or even 1760.

You say you shoot from a bipod,that is the best way to
get data for your rifle. realtime shooting because your
not going to hunt from a bench.thats the way i get my
data.right now i am shooting a 308 rem. 700p.
trying to get right now out to 600. but it takes time like
you said.i have a few 2 round groups from a 200 yard zero out to
600 yard in my member pic. take a look at them not to
bad for out of the box rem.i am plaining on going to 1000
yards if i have enough moa's in that ior 6x24x50 w/ 35mm tube
i have 42 up left, with a 100 yard zero and it also has a
+20 moa badger one piece base.hope to have the 300 wsm
by 3/07 when it is done i will post pic.

the 308 likes 44 gr. of varget powder rem.9 1/2 primer
168 gr. BTHP. CRONEY is broke i haven't replaced it yet
but it looks close to FED.match.

good shooten Brother
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tenguage View Drop Down
Optics Apprentice
Optics Apprentice

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Could you shoot a gun like this in F class at Camp Perry?
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Maboer View Drop Down
Optics GrassHopper
Optics GrassHopper

Joined: May/28/2014
Location: South Africa
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I've read your post on this weapon system, and I'm very mush interested to buy me one of these systems as well. I have spoken to some guys in the shooting world and they recon,
the Remington 700 WSM is the most accurate of the shelf. In South Africa it price +- R18000 optics extra.
I had a look as well at the M24. My question to you is, how similar are these two systems, and would a member of the public be able to buy a M24. I actually have a few questions.
  1. What model of the 700 WSM family, should I get for long range target shooting / hunting?
  2. Short action preferably.
  3. Does the 700 WSM come with a V block system? I will be doing my own Gunsmit work as well.
  4. Should I ask for the  1:11.25 Twist ?
  5. Or should I rather order a 5-R hammer-forged tactical/target-style rifle ? This is based on the M24.
  6. Would it be cheaper to order a custom rifle, or rebuild a new rifle?

Your incite will be appreciated.



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SVT_Tactical View Drop Down
Chief Sackscratch

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Yeah, um, not sure you know this, but, ...... this thread is 7 years old.  Not sure your going to get much response. 
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Maboer View Drop Down
Optics GrassHopper
Optics GrassHopper

Joined: May/28/2014
Location: South Africa
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Yes I never looked at the dates. Thanks for that. Hopefully some of the guys still have the notification too the site still active. Have to see what comes from it. You have seen it, so the site isen't dead completely.

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Dale Clifford View Drop Down
Optics Jedi Knight
Optics Jedi Knight

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If you are going the custom route, you may want to look at the 7 WSM. Another factor that plays a big role in your choice -- do you reload? If you are going to carry the rifle the wt. vs. recoil also becomes a factor, while several shots hunting may not be a problem -- 50-100 in target shooting will get your attention.

other considerations -- a hot 280 will give you 90% of the performance with 10-15 grs less powder, in an 06 boltface and 1 more round in the mag. In a hunting configuration I doubt most would notice the difference except on the recoil, and muzzle blast.

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