I'm trying to reason my way through scope selection for a new Savage MkII TR in .22LR.  I want to set it up as a "trainer".

Assume the primary rifle is 7.62x51 with a max effective range of 600M (I know, I know - just go with it for the sake of the exercise.)

Then assume the trainer is .22LR with a max effective range of 300M (again, just go with it.)

Now, assume the primary rifle is scoped with a 10x Mildot.

Wouldn't it then follow that a logical scope for the rimfire trainer would be in the 5x to 6x range?  This would give a similar "experience" within the effective range envelope; putting the same 10x on the trainer would be overglassing and wouldn't present the same challenge as would the 10x on the primary rifle.  A given target through the 10x at 600M would appear approximately the same size through the 6x at 300M.

The same idea would apply with the .22LR limited to 200M - a 3x or 4x would work.

Or am I nuts here?