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Newby pistol scope advise for .500 SW

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Topic: Newby pistol scope advise for .500 SW
Posted By: cbm
Subject: Newby pistol scope advise for .500 SW
Date Posted: January/22/2008 at 09:40
I am seriously considering getting a TC Encore pistol in a .500 S&W . I may even go put some cash down on one today . And I have been trying to read up on info. on handgun hunting !!
I have never shot a pistol with a scope on it and have no idea what I am getting into.........but I have a lot of interest in deer hunting and hog hunting with a large cal. pistol !!
I was thinking of picking up a Kahles 1x7x 32 (I think that's the size) off of the sample list  .
Would this be a really good set up for hunting...........low light performance, durability, handle the recoil, etc. ???
I have seen these guns with 3 sets of rings...........what kind would you guys recommned ?

Posted By: cbm
Date Posted: January/22/2008 at 10:48's a 1.1 x 4x 24 on the sample list !

Posted By: Bigdaddy0381
Date Posted: January/22/2008 at 11:27 -
This is the setup I just did on a 500S&W.Its a shooter.
when mounting the scope in the rings take and put a little resien powder.It holds like glue

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Posted By: silver
Date Posted: January/22/2008 at 17:12
Kahles?  Check the eye relief, I think that is a rifle scope.

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Posted By: cbm
Date Posted: January/22/2008 at 21:04
Yep.......did a little more checking after this and realized that's not a good choice for a heavy recoiling pistol .
And in the midst of this..........think I am going with a .460 sw over the .500 . I suppose the scope consideration will not change .
So what would be the best low light scope to use with this gun ........and all other things considered........holding up to the recoil, making 50-100yrd shots, etc. ?
Price is not my biggest hold-up ........although I'd like to stay under $1000 . I just want the best possible low light hunting scope that does not limit my shots a whole lot under 150 yrds !!
I looked at the Bushnell it it seems pretty nice...........I have also seen suggestion's on the Swift's , Burris, and Leupold VX-III's !! What's the thoughts on these ???
Thanks !!

Posted By: mwyates
Date Posted: January/22/2008 at 21:20
I'd recommend the Burris 2-7X32 or Leupold 2.5-8X32.  I've never used the Leupold but they have a good rep.  My experience with the Burris has been great.  The Leupold, at $500, is about as much as you can spend on a pistol scope.

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Posted By: tahqua
Date Posted: January/23/2008 at 18:20
MW has good suggestions. I find my 2-7 Burris is a hard to use at 6-7x, though. It is hard to pick up because the eye relief is less. My arms aren't that long, either.
I like the Leupold 2x on my heavy kickers and the Burris 2x should be just as good. The Leupold is easy to pick up the sight picture and is fine for 125-150 yard shots.

Posted By: JPinSC
Date Posted: January/23/2008 at 19:11
The TSOB (or something like that) three ring mounts are very sturdy. One of them solved my problems on a short 44mag TC barrel.  I find that the 2X scopes are fairly easy to use and generally serve the purpose for as far as I want to shoot at game with a handgun.

Posted By: cbm
Date Posted: January/23/2008 at 20:10
I am going to look into some suggestions but right now I am seriously leaning toward :
TC Encore 15" .460 heavy barrel muzzle brake w/ a Leupold 2x8x28 and Leupold DD mount and rings !!
Do you guys think that will be a good set up ??
There does not seem like a lot of info. on the net about pistol scopes. I have narrowed it dwon basically between the Bushnell 3200 and the Vari-X III Leuplod for this gun . But I am open to suggestion.............probably got a few more days before it's a done deal !!
Thanks for the help so's invaluable since there is such limited info. on handgun hunting and I don't know squat !!

Posted By: cbm
Date Posted: January/23/2008 at 20:51
Man I keep messing this up...............the Leuplod is a 2.5x8x32.  I have seen a lot on Burris scopes but have a bad taste to speak.........from a Burris Fullfield rifle scope I had. That happens to be the worst scope I have ever owned ............even compared to some cheap older Tasco's !!

Posted By: cbm
Date Posted: January/24/2008 at 09:32
Thanks for all the help guys ................found a Bushnell 3200 2x6x32 on sale for $149 and just couldn't pass that up !!

Posted By: daddus1
Date Posted: January/30/2008 at 21:24
Hi Newby,
I guess I'm a newby also and I wanted to give you the senerio I went thru.
I purchased a 454 Casull barrel for my Thompson Encore pistol and put a 1.5X4 Burris Pistol scope on it with Millet rings. I sighted in with Med heavy ammo here in Pa to go to Delaware for pistol season and it kept about 3" at 50 yds. Understand the pistol is handicaped by this user, but I still try.We then got some of the super loads 1900 - 2000 fps
ammunition and stopped at a range to fire them.
Well I just couldn't get them to go high enough on the paper and I ran out of height adjustment. Upon looking at my scope it the recoil slid the scope back until it hit the scope turrets? I was hot, there I was 1 mile and 1 hour from going hunting but what are you going to do.
The solution was to put at least 3 Leupold rings on the scope to hold it. The reason for the Leupold rings is that they don"t come together and touch each other as the millets did.
Sad but true, it also scored my scope.  Whacko


Posted By: Dale Clifford
Date Posted: January/30/2008 at 21:29
3 rings are a common practice and was introduced by JD jones as a marketing item, you may want to look at his  website. ( I think its SKS)

Posted By: tahqua
Date Posted: January/31/2008 at 10:54
CBM, did you put the cart before the horse or did you end up with the .460?

Posted By: cbm
Date Posted: January/31/2008 at 12:04
Well.......I got myself into internet information overload . I am kinda prone to do that .......and with this gun(compared to bows and rifles) has been the worst !!
I ended up chickening out of the .460 !! I "got" a .308 15" Encore Prohunter barrel, reg. Encore frame, Bushnell 3200 2x6 FF off competitor (the recticle is super thick......not so sure about that), I got a Stratton base w/3 Burris Zee rings, got pachmayr grips , and I am going to get a trigger job done..............all before I ever put one shot through it !! How crazy is that ?????
And I think I may change to the Leupold scope and custom laminated grips down the road a little ways !!
Call me crazy.........tell me I go about things the hard way............I can not disagree !! It has been irretating and a lot of fun at the same time but it's definatley been done "bass ackwards" !! SmileOuchBucky

Posted By: tahqua
Date Posted: January/31/2008 at 12:18
Be careful with those Z-rings. They have a small bearing and clamping area. I have had them tip on a heavy recoiling gun before.

Posted By: Big Mark
Date Posted: October/19/2008 at 09:33
I would love to know where you picked up the 3200 for that price? I will buy one tomorrow if you can let me know. How do you like it so far?

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