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Field of view?

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Topic: Field of view?
Posted By: otis348
Subject: Field of view?
Date Posted: October/26/2004 at 20:59
   I need help understanding FOV. I have read articles on this and I understand the math equation to get the FOV. The question is, for instance, the Burris FF2 4-16 power has a FOV at 22-7.5 and the 4200 Elite FOV at 26-7 and the Weaver is 22.5-10.5. Does this mean the FOV of the Weaver is better? Does FOV help with clarity?

     I have been looking at the 4200 elite until I read your articles on the Burris. Now I am looking at the Burris FF2. I want clarity especially at long range.

Posted By: Dale Clifford
Date Posted: October/27/2004 at 11:56
FOV changes with magnification. Two different scope makes having the same quoted field of view may or may not have the same FOV because their Manuf. tolerences are different. As a rule of thumb more FOV gives more of the back drop (background) and higher magnification less. FOV is like angle of acceptance in camera lens a wide angle lens has a very large FOV with a smaller view of the object. FOV has no affect on clarity as a 180 fisheye may be as clear as a 2000 mm Cat. same for scopes,(expcept no where near the image quality). Don't choose between scopes based on FOV, however FOV is tantamount in detemining the use of the scope.

Posted By: Chris Farris
Date Posted: November/09/2004 at 14:20

Burris FF2 4-16 power has a FOV at 22-7.5


This means that when the scope is on 4x you will be seeing 22' wide at 100 yards and when the scope is on 16x you will be seeing 7.5' wide at 100 yards.


Field of view does not help with clarity but does have an effect on eye relief, the wider the FOV the shorter the eye relief.

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