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Bushnell Trophy Red Dot

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Topic: Bushnell Trophy Red Dot
Posted By: kestrel
Subject: Bushnell Trophy Red Dot
Date Posted: December/01/2007 at 18:35
I have a CVA Kodiak Magnum. Shooting with the fiber optic sights I fired a 1 and 1/8th in. 3 shot group. My 100 yd group was a mess. I am blaming operator error ..... aging eyes, no line trifocals etc. Seriously, I am a pretty good shot with a rifle. I decided to try a 1x red dot scope as we can't use magnification in Wisconsin. I choose the Bushnell Trophy red dot with the selectable reticle. I really liked the 3moa dot. I bore sighted the unit and hit the paper just low and left of the bull with the first shot from 50 yards. I thought, WOW! The second shot was about 9 in. higher and a bit more left. I made an adjustment and then fired 2 more shots. They were all over the paper. I fired several 3 shot groups and couldn't seem to get it to settle in. I then questioned myself, the load, the rifle etc. It was considerably colder than the previous day at the bench. I removed the scope and shot 3 shots that measured under 2 in. with the iron sights. It would appear that the problem is with the scope. I have read reviews on this and other red dots. This one actually seemed to be pretty good.
Anyone seen this before with this or similar scope?
Is the recoil to heavy for it?
Did I just get a bad one?
I really don't want to spend a lot on it as I just don't have the time to use it a lot.
Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

Posted By: RONK
Date Posted: December/01/2007 at 18:44
 I think you may have a bad sight.  I would suspect other issues if you hadn't subsequently fired good groups with irons. Have you considered a good peep sight as a more reliable alternative? They are much easier for aging eyes to use than open sights.
 Where abouts in Wisconsin are you? (Sauk county here.)

Posted By: kestrel
Date Posted: December/01/2007 at 18:56

I live in Fond du Lac County. I deer hunt some near home but do most of my gun deer hunting in rifle country west of Neshkoro. Marquette County. I didn't want to spend a lot on a sight as I think that we may see the magnification restriction lifted in the near future. I would then just scope it.

I am hoping that someone has been using one of these and had success with it.
I also plan to contact Bushnell to see what they have to say about it. I was able to return the one I had to the store where I bought it.

Posted By: RONK
Date Posted: December/01/2007 at 20:07

 It's good that the store took it back. It would have been interesting to mount it on another rifle to see if it worked on it, but I'll bet it was just a defective unit. I don't think moderate recoil should have shook it up,  but I don't really know how well those are built, so I guess it's possible.

 Somebody with some experience with one should be along here eventually.

Posted By: kestrel
Date Posted: December/04/2007 at 04:16

Here is the info from Bushnell.

The red dot scopes will handle .44 mag recoil.  They are also advertised for shotgun use. Any damage from recoil usually disturbs the reticle making it look different or not there at all. The accuracy is not usually affected.
So, how does the recoil from a .50 cal shooting a 300 gr. bullet with 110 gr. of Pyrodex compare with a shotgun and a .44 mag.? A shotgun with slugs can give a pretty good wallop. The .44mag in a hand gun is a pretty good "handfull" To me, the muzzleloader seems to be the more docile of the three.
Using one of the recoil calculators shows the muzzleloader to be nearly twice the recoil of my .30-06. Which is not correct. It is probably off because of the large volume of powder used.
Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

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