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Parallax Question/Story

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Topic: Parallax Question/Story
Posted By: Ironman
Subject: Parallax Question/Story
Date Posted: July/25/2007 at 12:42

Ok so here is a story for ya'll that I have a question about...


About ten years ago my dad and I were at the gun range shooting hunting rifles before the season just making sure it was still sighted and whatnot.  At the time we didn't have very high quality scopes (I believe they were Tasco 3-9x40). Anyways, we had the scopes dialed up to the highest power setting while shooting. What happened was we could not get a consistent group at all. So we asked the range manager to shoot a couple of rounds for us (I think he was a retired sniper or somethin) but after a few shots he was off too. After looking at the scope, he saw that we were on the highest power. He told us that on some scopes (I believe he was referring to low quality scopes lol) if you dial the magnification all the way up, the parallax goes bad and the crosshairs begin to "float" which causes a loss of accuracy.


My question is does this apply to all scopes or just low quality ones?


I'm wondering about this because I wanted to get a variable mildot scope and since mildots only work on the highest magnification, I just wanted to make sure this wouldn't be a factor....

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That doesnt happen on good quality scopes.


"Always do the right thing, just because it is the right thing to do".
Bobby Paul Doherty
Texas Ranger

Posted By:
Date Posted: July/25/2007 at 15:16

On Mildots scope with first focal plane reticle the mildot is mildot on all magnifications.

There is also no problems with shift.


SuB and Zeiss/Hensoldt makes exelent scopes with the reticle in the right :) focalplane.........


Regards Technika

Posted By: Mike McDonald
Date Posted: July/25/2007 at 19:46
I have experienced this on some very high quality units without an independant means of parallax adjustment.

If you look through a good quality scope that does not have independant adjustments, after you've properly focused the reticle, it seems in focus as you change magnifications settings from near to far.  Trick to that is how many lens sets move while the power ring is turning.

My IOR 2.5-10X40something or other will not allow a decent group to be shot at 100 yards on any magnification setting over 7x.  The parallax monster comes out and puts teeth marks where only your mom would see

On a low budget scope nothing but the magnification changes, parallax being set for a reasonably close distance.
In this case simple mirage, which  may not be visible in a budget scope at say.100 yards, but does exist, is influencing your group size and placement.

Posted By: Ironman
Date Posted: July/26/2007 at 12:43
Ok so the only way to solve this problem would be to get an AO scope or an FFP scope right?

Posted By: Ironman
Date Posted: July/26/2007 at 12:51
Also, what about fixed power scopes such as the super sniper? Do these have the same problems?

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