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shotgunScopeBashed Me

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Topic: shotgunScopeBashed Me
Posted By: bigchill48
Subject: shotgunScopeBashed Me
Date Posted: September/04/2004 at 14:25
I bought a Bushnell 4200 1.5x5 scope for my Remington 1187 shotgun, shooting2 3/4"Winchester gold partitions. I took a quick shot downhill at
a moving deer and got cut bt the eyebows/ bridge of my nose- took a second shot with blood streaming into my ehes and droppped the deer,
but then I dropped slowly, dizzy from the hit.
Took it back to the shop, had the scope moved forward maybe 3/4 " . but have to hunker forward to take a shot and still renicked my scab 2 weeks
later! Needless to say, I now flinch when shooting and passed up shots.... I can't do iron sights with this gun -Cantilvered barrel, and Momte carlo
stock. I will give this scope to my son, but I need a GOOD variable power scope with better eye relief than the 3" or less on the 4200.
And i read somewhere but can't find the article that some sabot shells for rifled barrels kick less than others.... Any suggestion on scope or shells?

Posted By: redneckbmxer24
Date Posted: September/04/2004 at 22:28

all depends on how much you want to spend. if you bought that 4200 in the right time frame, bushnell will refund your money. but i would at a leupold VXII 1-4, or VXIII 1.5-5, or 1.75-6, they will all have gobs of eye relief.



If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns, I'll be only one of millions!!!

Posted By: ranburr
Date Posted: September/04/2004 at 23:28

Please don't take this the wrong way.  But if you are taking a hit that powerful using a scope with 3" of eye relief, you need to look at how you are shooting.  The scope and eye relief are fine, especially for a relatively low recoiling, gas operated shotgun shooting 2 3/4" shells.  I would suggest that you work on your shooting form.  Incidentally, is your scope actually 1.5-6?  If so you actually 3.3" of eye relief.  If your scope is actually a 3200 1.5-4.5, your eye relief is 3.6".  With either scope you have enough eye relief and your scope is very good and you could argue that they may be the best in their price ranges.  I think you are looking for a technological fix for poor shooting form. 



Posted By: bigchill48
Date Posted: September/05/2004 at 08:58
Thanks for the advice- I looked at the Leupold VXIII in Cabelas catalog after your reply- 5.3" eye relief ought to help. Regarding ranburr's post- I
don't disagree that poor shooting form is partly or mostly to blame. But now that I've been clobbered,i have to change something and get back to
practicing.... My previous cheapy scope had lots of eye relief and i just got used to shooting with it.. i've also lost about 35 lb. and someone
suggested my old looser relaxed grip on the shotgun combined with weight loss also has changed things.... i didnt get recoil clobbered in practice
or sighting in- its those less than perfect angle/form shots you get from stands slightly behind or to the side or from low to highshots that seem
to nick me... hunted for 12 years previus to this without a problem and fairly accurately- usually one shot drop em where they stand kills. Not last
year though.. thanks again to both!
By the way, it was a 4200 1.5x6, book says 3" eye relief and I presume that's on low power- doesn't eye relief change as you switch to higher
power? Plus when I tried to see from farther back, I saw black or black ring... supppose my perfect eyesight form my 40's has given way to less
than perfect close up at age 56!!

Posted By: ranburr
Date Posted: September/05/2004 at 12:16

Yes and no on eye relief changing with your power setting.  Some scopes have a constant eye relief.  I may be wrong, but I think your particular scope has a constant eye relief. 



Posted By: Knewt
Date Posted: September/05/2004 at 15:06

Have you concidered a "scout" type fixed power...   Like:

Leupold Scope M8-2.5x28 I.E.R. Scout

9" of eye relief
It'll give you alot of leighway in regards to your head positioning.

There are other scout type scopes out there by other manufacturers.... this is just one that I have some experience with.

Posted By: redneckbmxer24
Date Posted: September/05/2004 at 17:15

i have that on my 336c 35 remington, and its awesome. not quite sure if you can mount it far enough forward though.



If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns, I'll be only one of millions!!!

Posted By: bigchill48
Date Posted: September/06/2004 at 21:46
I guess another option would be a red dot sight like the Bushnell Holosight and others like it- lots of eye relief and no parallex,,,supposed to be
quick in target acquisition.... How do you set that up on a shotgun? Would your standard bore sighter work? Are most gun shops set up to do
these? Has anyone used one of these on a shotgun for deer hunting?
An atricle I read said that if the vast majority of deer you take are under 125 yards, then a holosight would work well. I usually pass on long shots -
for me thats over 120 yards .I know the 1187 with rifled barrel and Winchester platinum partition or similar is ideally capable of more distance but
if I see them that far away their usually running and i'll pass on marginal shots- my worst scenario is wounding it thru a crappy marginal shot and
having it die days later..

Posted By: caveman
Date Posted: May/02/2005 at 17:12
Honestly, it's a shooter problem!  I have the same 4200 on my 45/70 with no problems.  STAY BACK!


Posted By: STWSniper
Date Posted: May/18/2005 at 22:27
For a shotgun I would go with a Leupold. They have the best eye relief in the business.

Posted By: Chris(madrid)
Date Posted: July/02/2005 at 02:32


Posted By: valleypine
Date Posted: August/18/2005 at 06:54



I would have to agree with others that scope eye relief is not your problem. I have a Redfield Widefield mounted on a Remington 7600 30-06 Carbine shooting 180 grain bullets with no more than 3 inches scope eye relief. I also have I have a Redfield Widefield mounted on a Remington 870 Deer Gun shooting 3-inch shell slugs. I have never had any scope bashing problem with either the rifle or the shotgun.  

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