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help w/ new scope purchase

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Topic: help w/ new scope purchase
Posted By: RogernAl
Subject: help w/ new scope purchase
Date Posted: August/29/2004 at 11:17


  I am looking at buying a new scope.I have a Tasco World Class 3x9x50.But I am looking for something that is better in low light hunting.As alot of my hunting will be done in the late afternoon on greenfields.I havent decided on anything as of yet.But the scopes I am looking at are the Leupold Rifleman 4x12x40 and the VX-I 4x12x40.And also the Bushnell Elite 3200 4x12x40.If anyone uses or has used these scopes,any info would be appreciated.Also if there is a brand I am over looking in this price range please let me know..


Posted By: Chris Farris
Date Posted: August/29/2004 at 17:44
The Elite 3200 is hard to beat for the money and comes with the free $99.95 gear bag.

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Posted By: Bart Simpson
Date Posted: August/29/2004 at 22:00
I have a B&L 3200 in 2-7x32 that I like a lot. Of the scopes you listed the 3200 would be a fine choice.

Carl in N. FL

Posted By: VanMojo
Date Posted: August/31/2004 at 07:05

Don't forget to consider the Leupold warranty.  Sure, the equivalent scope probably costs more than the same Bushnell, but if anything ever happens to it (your fault or not) it gets repaired at no cost to you.  Plus, the warranty transfers to any further owners of the scope, so if you ever decide to sell it, you can get much more for it that if you try to sell a different brand.


I work for Leupold, so I'm not exactly impartial here.


By the way, the cost is about the same for the VX-1 and the Rifleman, and there's not a huge amount of difference between the two.  The VX-1 has better lens coatings on the eyepience and objective lenses, and all the other lenses are the same.  The shape of the scope and the way the numbers are written on the power selector ring is different as well.  With the VX-1 you get a lot more options if you want a finer reticle or a different color body, so I'd reccomend that, choosing a reticle and body color that suit you.

Posted By: CWPINST
Date Posted: August/31/2004 at 21:03

For goodness sake look at the Weaver Grand Slams.  They are considerably brighter than the scopes that you mentioned, and their Micro-Trac adjustment system is top notch.  A friend of mine has one that outclassed my Vari-X-III in a side by side hunting comparison.  Leupold does have the best warranty, and you probably won't need it, because they are made that good!  But to be honest, the Rifleman is really a substandard performer when it comes to light transmission.  There are many scopes that I would buy before I bought the Rifleman, but then low light performance is very important to me.  If your shooting starts at sunrise and stops at sunset, the Rifleman may work just fine. 

If it ain't accurate at long distance, the fact that it is flat shooting is irrelevant.

Posted By: redneckbmxer24
Date Posted: September/02/2004 at 17:07

i think im going to have to go with chris here, the 3200 would be my choice.



If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns, I'll be only one of millions!!!

Posted By: redneckbmxer24
Date Posted: September/02/2004 at 17:13

BTW, you might want to check out the simmons WTE, i beleave its about 100 bucks, mayube a little less, and its probably just as clear as the 3200.



If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns, I'll be only one of millions!!!

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