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1pc vs 2pc bases...

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Topic: 1pc vs 2pc bases...
Posted By: Manuel
Subject: 1pc vs 2pc bases...
Date Posted: August/28/2004 at 16:01

Posted By: ranburr
Date Posted: August/28/2004 at 16:22

I personally think that a one piece base should at least theoretically give you a more stable platform.  I have rifles with one and two piece bases and I have not had a problem with either.



Posted By: Knewt
Date Posted: August/28/2004 at 17:05
I have had problems with 2 piece bases... especially with my older rifles, and I think thats because their actions are made of slightly softer steel... it seems that the front base has a tendacy to lossen up especially if I have repeatedly let the barrel get hot.

But my problem is that ergonomically I find one piece bases clumsy for bench work. I had a severe disagreement with a table saw about 25 yrs ago and am lacking most of my right thumb and my trigger finger is about 2/3 the thickness (and about 1/3 the strength) of my left index finger and has very limited range of motion... hense it is very difficult for me to pick up and manipulate anything small with that hand. So for bench work I hand feed from the left and a one piece mount makes that very difficult if not impossible.

What I ended up doing with two piece mounts is bedding the bases to the action with a small amount of devcon stainless epoxy and lock-tite'ing the mounting screws....

Even tho I prefer the look of two piece mounts, I think I'd go with the one piece (if for me they weren't such a hassel) because they just have to be way more stable and far less likely to stress the scopes tube. And from experience it takes way less lapping to true up the rings on a one piece than it does on a two piece base set up.

Posted By: redneckbmxer24
Date Posted: August/28/2004 at 19:36

ive used both, and never had a problem with either, jsut as ranburr stated, so it all depends what kind of rifle ill be using them on, as to whether i use 1, or 2 peice.



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Posted By: Manuel
Date Posted: August/28/2004 at 19:59
im just curious... thats all my hs came with the 2 piece hs bases  an was wondering i i sould upgrade it to a single

Posted By: ranburr
Date Posted: August/28/2004 at 20:42

A free 2-piece base always beats a 1-piece that you have to buy! 



Posted By: Manuel
Date Posted: August/28/2004 at 21:26



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