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Scope delemma, help!

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Topic: Scope delemma, help!
Posted By: smitty
Subject: Scope delemma, help!
Date Posted: January/29/2007 at 02:48
Hi guys, I just recently learned about the SS10x42 and read a bunch of great things about it. I don't need it but after reading
all the great things about them I want one, or, maybe I just need a slap in the face! Either way, I would appreciate your

I hunt with a model 99 in 308. To make matters worse, I just ordered a 4x40 Monarch (from SWFA).

I ordered the 4x Monarch to replace a low budget simmons which I bought only for testing to see if I'd like a scope on my
99. I don't like a scope on it for walking but I do like it for sitting on stand. I'm using Leupold QD rings with Weaver bases
and it returns to zero to my satisfaction.

I carry the scope in my daypack and when I find a nice sniper postion I mount the scope and sit there glassing with my
binocs until sunset. I like the scope for this because shots could range well over 400yds but I wouldn't shoot past that.

Please don't anyone recommend a variable power scope!

Do I stick with the 4x Monarch (which I haven't even received yet) or exchange it for the SS?

Thanks in advance for your advice and wisdom,

Posted By: koshkin
Date Posted: January/29/2007 at 03:25
Super Sniper is a great tactical scope, but I would think that a fixed 10x is a bit much for hunting.  Besides, it is a pretty substantial scope and since the tube is 30mm you would have to buy new rings.

Stick with either a 4x or 6x which are better allround choices for a hunter.  Monarch 4x40 and 6x42 are both excellent choices.  There are others, but since you already have a 4x40 coming, there is probably no need to change.

Personally, I have a slight preference for a 6x42 scope with Monarch 6x42 and Sightron S2 6x42 probably being the best bang for the buck right now.

However, this is really a personal choice.  Some prefer 4x and some prefer 6x.


Posted By: jonbravado
Date Posted: January/29/2007 at 07:58

i just recently recieved a monarch 4x40 from swfa and it is amazing - great little scope for the money!!!


the SS would be great for long range paper punching, NOT for hunting.


the 4x monarch will be great for target acquisition and lowlight hunting - out to 150 yards or so (due to magnification limit)


i am very very pleased w/ mine - i put mine on a 30/30 and it will perfectly suit my needs for 100 yrds and in.


good luck, and don't regret your purchase - it is a hell of a buy.


koshkin is right about the 6x42, unless a deer walks right under your stand  - the 6x42 is a wonderful buy.






Posted By: smitty
Date Posted: January/29/2007 at 12:33
Please keep in mind that I'm using QD rings and only mount the scope onto my rifle when I'm on stand or if I'm sitting on top of a
mountain. I normally hunt with the irons sights and I'm confident with them out to 150 yards.

I hunt in mountainous terrain and can have some pretty long shots which I have not taken due to my own limits.

Even with the scope I'd wouldn't shoot past 400 yards. As it is I'd be hauling the animal several hundred feet up or down the
mountain and the farther the animal the more I'll have to work (in the dark) to get it out.

The scope would be for 150-400 yard use.

I've not taken shots that far with a 4x but I've read that the Monarch is outstanding and I've also read that some snipers ahve taken
extremely long shots with that power scope. I'm not that good of a shot but maybe someday.


Posted By: Urimaginaryfrnd
Date Posted: January/29/2007 at 13:17

You could use either the 4x or the 10x SS for hunting but I would recommend that you leave the scope permanently attached to the rifle. A 4x is not too powerful to stalk game with on foot but it is a little low on magnification when you are shooting from a stand or with a solid rest. I also like the 6x and might go that route if you were really going to attach it permanently and primarily hunted from a stand. I think the fixed 4x would be perfect for stalking with it attached. A 4x at 400 yds is like no scope at 100 yds. The place that the SS comes into factor is if you plan to dial in the compensation to adjust the scope for trajectory and carry a range finder. I have a 10x on my sniper rifle and hunt with it but it is bit much if the target is under 100 yds. When you get that close an aimpoint 2x or a Trijicon Accupoint is a better hunting choice.    If exit eye pupil is the factor limiting you considering a variable note that when you turn the power down it gathers more light. - 11420">Aimpoint 2x 9000L 30mm Red Dot Sight                        Aimpoint 2x 9000L 30mm Red Dot Sight
  • Matte
  • 1 MOA
  • 30mm
  • Free Aimpoint Bikini Lens Cover w/ Purchase
SWFA: $422.95


"Always do the right thing, just because it is the right thing to do".
Bobby Paul Doherty
Texas Ranger

Posted By: cheaptrick
Date Posted: January/29/2007 at 15:01

Originally posted by smitty smitty wrote:

Please keep in mind that I'm using QD rings and only mount the scope onto my rifle when I'm on stand or if I'm sitting on top of a
mountain. I normally hunt with the irons sights and I'm confident with them out to 150 yards.


Welcome to The OT!

As usual, you've gotten some world class advise from the gang here.


I'm a little confused why you wait to mount your scope until your in the field though.

Or did I miss something earlier in this thread.

It's happened a lot lately......... (work)

If at first you don't secede...try..try again.

Posted By: smitty
Date Posted: January/29/2007 at 19:51
I've decided that I will exchange the 4x40 Monarch for the SS10x42.

90% of the time I walking/stalking and 10% sitting on stand. There are days when I don't sit on stand at all.

I've tried mounting a scope on it permamently and it ruins this rifle for me.

I'll keep the rifle the way it is and "quick attach" the big scope for when I want it.

Thanks for your advice and allowing me to bounce this off you.


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