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Posted By: DEFCON 1
Date Posted: January/27/2007 at 06:51


HI Everyone

  I'm new to this forum. I just found  it or I would have joined in sooner. I must say this is a fantastic forum cause I love optics.

I've been gleaning info from various firearm forums and not getting much esp on ELCAN OPTICS.

 While I'm not the kind to spend $12,000.00 for a thermal imaging scope. If I got my hands on  one I'd sure be spoiled. I'd be looking

for a second job. I've had lot of differrent scopes over my 50 years From Leopold to Tasco, Pentax Bushnell, Nikon.

 I hunt hard and shoot year round so I tend to stay sort of middle of the road.  That way if something breaks I just get a new one.

This year while shooting heavy loads in my Encore 209-50 I broke the retical windage adjustment. It sill works fine just shoots to the left 8" at 100yds. 

  The scope is Thomson center hawken hunter 3-9x40 $159.99  While this is a budget scope I have enjoyed it since 2001. I've probably shot a 1000 rounds through it. I've been told its a backdoor nikon made for TC. Anyway it has a life time replacement warranty so I'll get a new scope. One thing I like about this scope is its WIDE FIELD of view. Makes it easy to get on target in low light. I tried a SWIFT PREMIER 4.5-14 OA this year. The focus objective was defective so I just taped it up and used it till I got a Pentax Gameseeker for the 22-250, Two things I like about the Pentax are the lack of AO and the  Pentax Precision-Plex reticle. The pentax is suppose to be tough it should do well on the 22-250  for yotes. Why not spend a grand for a scope?

I'm thinking about it. But I'd rather have a mid range scope that satisfies me rather than a high end expensive scope that's not suited for what I want to do.

My project gun this year is a Olympic Arms  PCR-8 MAG  in .243 wssm. -

I'm planing to get a ELCAN  scope cause I want Real Tuff  durability.  The setup will be used for daytime Deer and nighttime varmints.

I'm leaning towardes the Elcan Digital Hunter or Elcan M145 SPECTER. I'm looking for the best low light clarity but I still want 500yd target ability.

Does anyone know about the light gathering and clarity of the Digital Hunter. Is the m145 the best?  I'm not concerned with weight.

I noticed the Exit Pupil Diameter of the m154 is  8.5mm and 12mm for the digital hunter. Never having seen either  I can only find out from others in these forums specifics aout these scopes. Is the 12mm brighter?

Thanks for your input. 


Posted By: cheaptrick
Date Posted: January/27/2007 at 08:02

Welcome to The OT!!

Glad your here.


Try the search function for intel on Elcan's.

I have never seen one personally. 

If at first you don't secede...try..try again.

Posted By: longbow308
Date Posted: January/31/2007 at 18:50

welcome to the OT

Aim small Miss small

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