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Burris XTR me decide on which model

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Topic: Burris XTR me decide on which model
Posted By: bbush
Subject: Burris XTR me decide on which model
Date Posted: July/17/2017 at 12:34
I am wanting to get into tactical / target shooting and need a little advice on which scope I should get.  I have narrowed my choices down to the Burris XTR II because of it's 34 mm tube, first focal plane, zero stop, and the fact that it presently comes with a rebate.  I already have a Remington .308 5r 24 inch barrel rifle that I plan to use as the basis of my shooting platform and would like suggestions on what magnification would be best for shooting up to 600 to 700 yards (or maybe a little more as I get better).  I think that I would go with the 4-20 model, but I am not sure.  I also would like to get some advice on the reticle choice....should I go with GB2 Mil-Dot, SCR Mil, or Horus 591.  Which of these reticles would be the easiest to learn how to shoot and to adjust for accurately at distance with the .308 catridge?  The Horus just seems little "busy" but I may not really know what I am looking at.  If I had to guess, it is between the GB2 Mil-Dot and the SCR Mil, but then again, this is the reason I am asking on this forum.  Thanks for any and all comments back.

Posted By: Rancid Coolaid
Date Posted: July/17/2017 at 12:54
What is your level of experience and comfort shooting, in general?
Do you have any formal training?
Do you have a core understanding of how mil (or MOA) reticles work?
What will the "normal" distance shot be?
Could you define what your "tactical/target" shooting will be (prone, bench, run-gun, etc?)
Do you have any friends that currently do the manner of shooting you are talking about?
What is your scope/mount budget?

With those answers, we can start.

Now, on to generalizations.

First, great rifle choice.  The remington 5R is about as good as it gets for a reliable, "accurate" factory bolt gun.  I've had several and all have been shooters.

Next, glass is important, very much so; but mechanical reliability is far more important in a "tactical" scope, especially if you plan to turn turrets for adjustments.  Get the best glass you can afford, and do not consider anything with poor mechanical performance.

Lastly, 20X is not fun to get behind, head position is often very, very critical, and a good sight picture is elusive in all but the most conventional and stable positions. 

If you are a beginner to tactical mid-range shooting, a 3-9 or 3-15 is what I usually recommend to start.  If you are set on the Burris, that's fine, just plan on spending much more time at the lower mag range.  It is counter-intuitive for most, but seeing more than the dead-center bullseye is often critical, especially in shoot-n-move endeavors.

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Posted By: supertool73
Date Posted: July/17/2017 at 12:56
I would to the 3-15x or the 4-20x.  And I would decide between those to based on how often you plan on using your gun up close.  If never at all, then I would go 4-20x.  If you plan on using it for hunting then the wider FOV of the 3x may be beneficial to you depending upon your hunting style and terrain. 

I have a 5-20x scope on my .308 precision rifle and I seldom use it over 15x.  Mainly because of the critical eye relief and how much more the mirage annoys me. 

I would pick the SCR mil.  I used to have several IOR scope with the mp8 dot and I absolutely loved the dot in the center as the aiming point. 

I currently own the 2-10x XTR2.  I use it on my bolt action .300blk.  I really like it.  Good glass, adjustments are repeatable, reticle is good (I have the G2B).  With a 20 MOA base and the large amount of elevation adjustment it has I can reach way out their with my subsonic rounds. 

I don't own a horus reticle, but have a couple that are similar.  If you like to hold for windage and elevation they work really good.  If you dial for elevation and hold for windage, they are not as beneficial.  If you dial for elevation and windage, there is no point in getting one IMO.

Overall, I think they are good lower to mid cost scope.  They offer a lot for what they cost

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Posted By: koshkin
Date Posted: July/17/2017 at 18:15
I would likely lean toward the 4-20x50 for this application.

I did not like the way SCR Mil looked at lower mags, so I would go for the G2B.  It is a simple reticle that gives you enough features without being overly cluttered.


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