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$300 scope

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Topic: $300 scope
Posted By: donc
Subject: $300 scope
Date Posted: June/08/2017 at 16:44

     I need a new scope on my 30-06 Remington 700.  I will use it primarily for hunting deer and elk in Arizona.  Over the past 60 years, my shots have been between 30-500 yards with most over 150 yards.  I can't justify spending more than about $300 for the scope as I may not have too many hunts left in this old body. (75 years young!)

     I have been looking at two scopes which seem to meet my needs.  Nikon Prostaff 5, 3.5-14 x 40 and the Leupold VX2 3-9 x 40.  Any input on these would be greatly appreciated.

Posted By: Kickboxer
Date Posted: June/08/2017 at 17:07
My choice would be the Nikon. 
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Posted By: Peddler
Date Posted: June/08/2017 at 17:46
Originally posted by Kickboxer Kickboxer wrote:

My choice would be the Nikon. 
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Posted By: BeltFed
Date Posted: June/09/2017 at 10:34
Another for the Nikon.
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Posted By: koshkin
Date Posted: June/09/2017 at 11:07
I have not tested that particular Nikon, but I tested ProStaff 5 2.5-10x40 and thought it was a lot of scope for the money.

For a general purpose hunting scope in the $300 and under range, it is a good option. Sightron S2 is also with a look. -

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Posted By: cheaptrick
Date Posted: June/09/2017 at 19:32
I need to check out the Prostaff 5. I saw one inside a big box store, but I never took it outside. 

Might be time to get my Nikon groove back on. Super

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Posted By: donc
Date Posted: June/12/2017 at 11:28
Thanks for the welcomes and the replies.  I think that the Nikon is going to be my choice.

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