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SWFA SS1-4x24 classic open box review

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Topic: SWFA SS1-4x24 classic open box review
Posted By: stork23raz
Subject: SWFA SS1-4x24 classic open box review
Date Posted: December/12/2016 at 15:08
This an open box review of my new SS 1-4x24 classic.
turrets: I like the short turrets much better than the ones on my ss10x. the lines actually line up perfectly. the clicks are much better than 10x. more of a good positive pop pop, rather than the sluggish tick tick on 10x. I like them, not quite the ratchet of my razor ii , but nice.

glass: good, not great, but plenty adequate considering price.

reticle: honestly in the image I didn't think I'd really like it. I thought the diamond Center looked rather dumb, and in thought it would be obtrusive. actually I really really like the reticle after seeing it. id rate it at a 9.8/10 design. I'd made the outside bars a tad thicker, just a tad. the ranging reticle is thin, so its not really in the way, but you need good light. grey day little harder to to read, with timber back drop its hard. but if they were thicker it could be annoying. I'd like to see this feature on the other Swfa scopes. i like the diamond with dot. it's big enough for easy find and acquisition, but the dot should give good precision. I really really like this reticle.

illumination: great indoors, visible low light. barely visible maxed out on a dark grey December day. non existent in normal daylight.

controls: comes with 3 levers. You don't need two of them. put the largest on as forget out. throw levers should become standard on all modern variables, hunting and tactical, end of story.
illum controls, 10 on settings with off in between each, I think this is becoming standard across the industry. the knob is stiff to turn, good thing, but needs knurling of some type.
I had a hard time getting the battery in. it's hard to hold the power part and remove the cap because of slickness. I could not get the backup compartment cap off. it's too thin and slick.
in the classic line the turrets have 3 set screws. I really don't like that because of past experience with my classic 10x. I'd much prefer the single top screw like the hd line. hopefully this one will fair better.

this will go on my 300blk woods gun. further evaluation will follow after some use.
I got this on the black Friday sale for $300. as of right now I think for that price it's a very good buy. for regular price of 400, I dunno, maybe, maybe not, its short comings would make me look into stepping up into another class.

now if the reticle and throw levers options were put into the hd 1-6, I think we'd have really great scope.

And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

Matthew 10:28

Posted By: MikieG
Date Posted: January/05/2017 at 15:03
I am currently running the 1-4x classic on my 7.62x39 AR. We don't shoot it any further than 200 yards. The Walmart tula and Winchester are minute of man and not much more. Me and a buddy bought these. It has been a pretty handy scope. I bought it for my dedicated. 22lr AR, and have just used it where ever. We both are happy with ours. My son will be getting one as well.
That said, I have the 1-6 SS on my 516. Damn fine optic. Plan on getting another one for my 7.62x39 AR.
The minimum scope to buy is either the 1-4 or the 10x42 classic scopes. If one uses this rule, then they will have done well.

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