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Quick Steiner P4Xi review

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Topic: Quick Steiner P4Xi review
Posted By: Match
Subject: Quick Steiner P4Xi review
Date Posted: August/13/2016 at 23:40
Good evening folks,

  Since there seems to be little first hand reviews of the new steiner p4xi 1-4x scope, I wanted to share my initial thoughts.  Please note that my "good glass" experience so far has been limited to various offerings from trijicon, vortex, leupold, and an old nightforce.  I say that in hopes of you understanding my perspective.  Without further ado, I'll lay out my thoughts in a simple pros/cons list:


* Glass. - The glass is extremely clear! If I had to compare it to another I'd say it's on par with the trijicon 1-4x, but not quite as nice as the razor ii 1-6 (yet better than the viper pst 1-4x).  I'm a big trijicon fan, and my goto scope is the acog TA31F...though this $579 offering from steiner is really growing on me.  

* Illumination - A single red dot on the reticle is all that lights up, though I can confirm that it is daylight bright.  Even in the bright South Carolina sun the dot on max setting was easy to pick up and reminded me a lot of an Aimpoint.  Another nice feature is the "off" setting between the brightness levels and how ridiculously low the level can get.  The manual states the last two levels are for NV use, and it is probably true because they were not visible with the naked eye when I tested it in a pure dark room (though didn't wait for my eyes to fully adapt).  I plan on using it for hogs this season.

* Reticle - Simple, uncluttered, and yet has holdovers.  Though that being said I currently have no idea what the holdover marks correlate to as it's not stated in the manual (a range trip this next week should answer those questions for me).  The reticle is sharp and black and easy to pick up near twilight even without the illumination. 

* True 1x! - Yes, when set at 1x I can keep both eyes open and transition perfectly from at the ready to firing position.  Unlike a few other scopes I've either bought or played with at Cabela's, there is no fish-ey effect or other such nonsense.  I'll give it a few months playing with it at the range, but my initial thoughts are (combined with it's daylight bright dot) that I'll never mess with a red-dot type scope again.

*  Eye relief - Pretty decent in actual use.  Other thing to note is it has a generous eyebox (?).  I believe that's what it's called...I find it's very easy to get behind the scope.


* Controls - The windage/elevation, and the illumination dial are best described as "mushy".  It doesn't have the super positive clicks like the vortex or nightforce, though on a scope like this I'm not sure if that matters much. Like with my trijicons, I'm more of a set it and forget it type. The dials are finger adjustable under the dust caps.  So, once dialed in I may never touch them again.  However the illumination dial will get use, and after playing with it for a week I still would prefer more definitive clicks on rotation as I find myself either visually confirming the dial position or looking through the scope to make sure it's off.

* Weight - at @ 17oz it's not a porker, but would have been nice to be a bit lighter, like some of leupolds offerings.  Then again, if it's as robust as Steiner claims I could overlook this.  On that note, the razor ii 1-6x is my second favorite scope, but darn if it isn't heavy.

Other thoughts

* Briefly playing with it outside at night showed decent low light capability.  
* Reliability is unknown at this point, but at least steiner does offer a lifetime warranty.
* Scope is currently mounted on a 14.5" Huldra arms gas-piston lightweight upper in a burris apper quick detach mount.  So far so good as far as repeatability and durability.

  Well, there you have it.  I would love for someone more experienced to do a proper review, but for now this'll have to do.  If any of my opinions change in the coming weeks/months I'll come back and update this. Also, if there are any questions you might have or things I failed to cover please ask.

Thanks for reading,

Posted By: Match
Date Posted: August/16/2016 at 17:31
I thought this may have garnered more interest...

Probably my novice review... Something I'll have to work onBow

Posted By: Peddler
Date Posted: August/16/2016 at 17:34
Be patient, welcome to the OT!

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Posted By: koshkin
Date Posted: August/16/2016 at 17:58
You gave it a pretty thorough review, so there aren't that many questions.  I sent an e-mail to Steiner to see if they will let me borrow one.  If they do not, I might buy it and test it.

I am kinda curious about it because most low range variables under $1k out there do not have a good day bright illumination down to 1x.

Leupold does, but their VX-R is not a true 1x.  VX-6 is, but it is more expensive.  Steiner may have a good thing going there with the P4Xi, so I am pretty curious about the scope.


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Posted By: Steelbenz
Date Posted: August/17/2016 at 06:55
I agree with ILya you gave a good review. Welcome to the OT.

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Posted By: Match
Date Posted: August/18/2016 at 17:27
Thanks folks for the kind welcome!

I got to put another 300 rounds downrange using the scope, and I'm still happy (other than that mushy illum. dial). I've only played with a few aimpoints, but find it neat that I can use this in a similar manner.  Also, I used it (unsuccessfully) deer hunting a few days ago.  Not the scopes fault, just 92F, muggy, and nothing moving... However, I did see 3 red headed woodpeckers and one aggravating squirrel in marvelous detail!


Posted By: Match
Date Posted: August/23/2016 at 09:20
Just to save some folks some time looking up which butler creek flip up caps to use:

Eye Piece: 18EYE 1.700" 43.2mm

Objective: 02A OBJ  1.181" 30.0mm

Both fit nice and snug and the eyepiece cap seems deep enough to help lock in the focus ring.


Posted By: Son of Ed
Date Posted: August/23/2016 at 13:44

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Posted By: cassml12
Date Posted: September/13/2016 at 21:16
Did you use the $200 Steiner T Series rings to mount it?

Posted By: Match
Date Posted: September/18/2016 at 20:15
Originally posted by cassml12 cassml12 wrote:

Did you use the $200 Steiner T Series rings to mount it?

No sir.  I used the Burris AR-PEPR 30mm mount, since I had one already.  So far so good.

As a quick update...the only thing that's really bugging me about the scope is how mushy the illumination knob detents are.  Pulled it out of the safe today to show a friend and noticed I'd left it on max (careless me).  I do know however that the battery life if left on max is just under 2 weeks. I say under, because it was still dimly lit.

Posted By: alamo308
Date Posted: July/17/2017 at 23:33
A very helpful review. Thanks for taking the time to post it.
I just picked up one of these Steiners (from DSG Arms) for under $470, including the zoom throw-lever (Military/LEO discount - Thank You, DSG!).
Have not had time to get to the range yet, but am very anxious. Maybe tomorrow? Right now it's installed and laser bore-sighted on a Ruger SR-22 rifle, but eventually plan to mount it on an AR-15 for NRA Service Rifle matches.

Posted By: Cold Trigger Finger
Date Posted: April/30/2018 at 01:17
What is the eye relief? And is it constant or nearly so from 1-4 power ?
Great review btw !

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Posted By: bugsNbows
Date Posted: April/30/2018 at 07:06
I tried to get one of these... for over two months. For some reason (unknown to me), it just didn't happen. I finally cancelled the order, and had Sky get me another item. 

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Posted By: bluestreakrem
Date Posted: July/27/2018 at 12:55

 My notes from gun files.  Hope this posts ok.


Steiner model P4Xi, item #5202, 1-4x24mm Tactical Rifle Scope with an illuminated red dot (.76” moa) #P3TR German reticle, matte black, 30mm scope tube with adjustable European style Fast Focusing Ocular lens, oversized power selector ring lever and standard low height turret knobs. The #P3TR reticle is very thin with hash marks calibrated for 5.56 NATO (SS109) and 7.62 NATO (M118LR) ammunition. It is thin and precise for long range work but may be hard to pick up against a cluttered back ground such as trees.


o          Parallax is fixed at 100 yards. 

o          The BDC reticle is located in the second focal plane (SFP).

o          Eleven intensity settings for the illuminated red dot ONLY.  The entire reticle does not illuminate.  Only the red center dot is illuminated.  An ‘OFF’ setting is between each intensity level on the rotary dial. 

Positions 1-2 are for Night Vision use.

Positions 3-6 are for Night Time use.

Positions 7-11are for Day Light use.

o The reticle is a range finding type which must be set on 4X to correctly correspond to each BDC hash mark width.  Each lower hash mark represents 19” wide (typical human torso width) at that respective range.

o The BDC reticle subtensions are calibrated for both 5.56 and .308 rounds using a 200 yard zero on the center dot.  Scope must be set on 4X to use the BDC subtentions. 

With a 200 yard zero:

The First hash mark below the center dot is 300 yards

The Second hash mark is 400 yards

The Third hash mark is 500 yards

The Fourth hash mark is 600 yards

o          Turrets are 1/2 m.o.a. clicks.

o          Battery is a 3 volt lithium CR2032 and installs ‘+’ side out under the rotary dial cover.


o          Cleaning Cloth

o          Instruction Manual

o          Battery and Allen wrench

o          Oversized Power Selector Ring Lever

Purchased from Tombstone Tactical 11-1-17        $ 467.67

Butler Creek flip-up scope caps,

Objective  # 02A        Ocular #19  

Mounted on the LWRC REPR 308 semi-auto rifle.



My Comments

o    Very clear and bright image quality. Better than scopes costing twice the price.

o    Center illuminated red dot is very precisely small and bright.  Best red dot image of any scope I’ve ever seen.  The entire reticle does not illuminate.  Only the red center dot is illuminated.

o    ‘OFF’ settings between each illumination intensity setting is great.  No need to make a complete dial rotation to turn OFF’.

o    Fairly stiff power magnification ring dial movement but the larger throw lever reduces effort.

o    Some Fish Eye effect at 1X when moving head off scope centerline.  Slight Parallax error on targets that are within 100 yards. This Parallax error is not as pronounced as distance to target increases out to 100 yards.

o    The vertical reticle post BDC graduations are hard to see at distant objects against a dark target subject.




Steiner Data

The Steiner P4xi 1-4X24 riflescope is designed for quick target acquisition targeted towards the tactical user. LE, Military and competitive shooters alike will appreciate the clarity and brightness of the model 5201 P4xi scope. The P3TR illuminated reticle center dot is key for both low light and daylight use. The etched reticle is a hallmark of Steiner quality.  Steiner specifically designed the 1-4x24 P4Xi Riflescope for use on patrol rifles and AR platforms. The optic features high-contrast optics and an illuminated red dot P3TR reticle. The 24mm objective offers a low-form factor and helps to stay undetected in covert operations, and the P3TR reticle (located in the second focal plane) allows you to use this scope for a wide variety of tasks. Only the red center dot illuminates and it features 11 illumination levels: 5 for daylight operation, 4 for low-light conditions, and 2 for use with night vision devices. With its fine features, thin gradually tapering posts, a fine crosshair, and a fine illuminated .76moa center dot, the reticle offers clean and unobtrusive views of your targets, which could be especially useful at night. The parallax-free performance is fixed and set at 100 yards. To assist you to compensate for wind and ballistics, the scope has a 100 MOA windage and elevation adjustment ranges with a 1/2 MOA per click impact point correction. The windage and elevation adjustment dials are wide and provide a comfortable non-slip grip. To allow an easy and accurate elevation reading, the elevation dial has a second rotation indicator. The housing is nitrogen-filled, waterproof and submersible, fog proof, and shock-resistant. It is crafted from a single piece of aluminum and features a 30mm main tube. In addition, the riflescope offers a tapered eyepiece ring with a zoom factor scale. The tapered ring design enables an easy verification of your magnification setting while you are aiming, without taking your attention away from your target. If you need an instant zoom adjustment, use the included eyepiece throw lever for one finger operation.






Objective Lens Diameter



Tube Diameter



Focal Plane



Field of View at 100 YD.



Eye Relief (Low/High)



Exit Pupil (Low/High)









Diopter Adjustment Range


+2 to -3




Illumination Control


11 Settings

Elevation Range at 100m


100 MOA

Windage Range at 100m


100 MOA




Parallax/Focus Range


100 yds.

Nitrogen Filled



Operating Temperature Range


-13°F to +145° F

Lens Cap


Not included

Waterproof / Fog proof


Submersible to 33ft.




* Exclusive Bundle Add-ons


Throw Lever and Steiner Cleaning Cloth



Heritage™ Warranty



























Posted By: Son of Ed
Date Posted: July/27/2018 at 14:24
very cool information!  

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