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Zeiss Tierra 2-7x32 versus Leupold VX2 2-7x33

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Topic: Zeiss Tierra 2-7x32 versus Leupold VX2 2-7x33
Posted By: tpcollins
Subject: Zeiss Tierra 2-7x32 versus Leupold VX2 2-7x33
Date Posted: January/16/2016 at 22:09
Just wondering if anyone has ever compared these two scope side by side?  I wouldn't think the VX2's 1 mm larger objective wouldn't make any difference as much as the quality of the glass and coatings differences in each if any. Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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Posted By: bugsNbows
Date Posted: January/17/2016 at 09:21
I'd go with the VX2 myself.

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Posted By: ccoker
Date Posted: January/18/2016 at 11:09
spend a bit more and get the VXR 2-7
awesome little scope


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Posted By: tpcollins
Date Posted: January/18/2016 at 13:07
Originally posted by ccoker ccoker wrote:

spend a bit more and get the VXR 2-7
awesome little scope

Normally I would do that but the Leupold CBR reticle that I want installed only goes in either the VX1 or VX2 2-7x33.

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Posted By: anweis
Date Posted: January/19/2016 at 06:53
I have the Terra 2-7x32 on my muzzleloader hunting rifle. I have only compared this scope with the older Zeiss Conquest 2-8x32. 
I find the Terra to be a good bright sharp scope, but only up to about 4X power on the zoom. Above that it is a poor optic. It gets dim, edges become blurry, eye relief changes, head position has to change. It tracks well and shoots well at 3-4x. It is not as bright as expected in low light after sunset. It is very well protected against glare.  would say it's a good hunting scope, but not close to Zeiss Conquest or better scopes.
I am not very familiar with medium priced scopes. but i think that the Terra is overpriced and over hyped. 
I found the Leupold $200-300 to be the same, every time i looked through one i asked "what's so good about this?". I would think that several companies have a much better scope in theat price range. I know for sure that Nikon Monarch 3 is excellent and much better than Terra. 
If i were looking for myself, i would save a bit more money a bit longer and would get a VX3 or even the Svarowski, Zeiss, Leica scopes in the 700-800 range. Or i would get an Nikon Monarch 3 2-8x32 with the Nikoplex reticle. 
I would not buy the Terra again. It is not good enough for $300. 

Posted By: tpcollins
Date Posted: January/19/2016 at 09:57
Thanks anweis - the reason I asked was I'm thinking of building a "special" scope for my crossbow.  

Long story short - I've had the Zeiss XB75 2-7x32mm crossbow scope and the speed setting required me to have it on 5x with about an 18' FOV which I felt was too narrow for me. Leupold make a similar size Crossbones scope on the VX1 platform. Leupold said they could install the Crossbones CBR reticle in a VX2 scope if I sent one to them.

But instead of setting it up with a 20 yard zero, I would use a 30 yard zero, using the 4 yardages marks accordingly. Per the ballistics chart, this would allow me to turn the magnification down to between 4.5x - 4x and give me a bit more FOV.

I could do the same with the Zeiss Teirra XB75 but I would always have to remember to add 10 yards to the yardages marked on that reticle. With the Leupold CBR reticle there are just 4 dash marks and it would be easier for me to just remember 40, 50, 60, 70 for them.

So I'm just trying to ascertain the difference between the Zeiss XB75 that I have seen versus the same size scope in a VX2 that I haven't seen in person.  Thanks.

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Posted By: anweis
Date Posted: January/19/2016 at 19:00
I would guess that, between the VX2 and the Terra, the scope easiest to adopt and put to use would be the better one. There probably isn't a huge difference between them, but i can't really comment on the VX2 because it has been 2 or 3 years since i looked through oneon a friend's rifle which i shot a few days. 
The Terra is good, just don't expect miracles. The facts that it is sharp and bright at 2x-3x and that it is very well protected against glare make it it a good hunting scope.
I've had scopes with better optics , but only when the sun was behind or above me. As soon as the sun got low to the side or somewhat in front, ghost images, glare, reflections,  loss of contrast started. Terra does not have that. I can aim right into the sunset and see clearly. Good scope, but not quite what i expect from Zeiss. Then again, the price is reasonable. 
And i use it only a few days per year, late season, on public land near home. I don't expect much and it seems good enough for that.  Two winters ago i saw a doe 29 minutes after sunset, in December, in forest with dense brush, about 50-60 yards out. The Terra was on 3x, i could have shot, but i let her go. 

Posted By: Stevel610
Date Posted: January/19/2016 at 19:48
I had the vx2. As had been mentioned up to half an hour after sundown I could see with it. It was a good scope, but I didn't think it was great. Magnification range was fine. Clarity fine. Sharpness ok. As the darkness increased, sharpness decreased, but I think that's usual.

No experience with the other.

Posted By: 10-Ring
Date Posted: January/21/2016 at 04:40
I have a VX2 2-7 and I agree with Steve1610. It's a good clear scope and reasonably priced. It's main advantage to me is it's light weight and smaller profile. I use it on my Sako 85 .308.

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