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Steiner T5Xi 3-15X50 Tactical

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Topic: Steiner T5Xi 3-15X50 Tactical
Posted By: wcoastpi
Subject: Steiner T5Xi 3-15X50 Tactical
Date Posted: July/25/2015 at 17:48
I was considering the following scope that I saw for a Rem 700 tactical with 20"barrel in .308.

Steiner T5Xi 3-15X50 Tactical Scope with SCR (special competition reticle)
34mm tube with advertised 34m of elevation adjustment. The glass appears very clear and sharp. The SCR reticle has holdover mil marks as well as holder under mil marks as well I (if that explains that correctly). The turrets have an elevation window that allows you to see just how many mils you are adjusting to. So it is pretty easy adjustment that you can't get lost trying to remember how mils you adjusted. The elevation turret knob out of the box is at '0' below the center and has .3mils of adjustment past the '0' turret stop.

The scope manual says the total elevation range is 23mils, so the optical center would be theoretically 11.5 mils. I did turn the knob from the zero stop all the way to the top and it did stop at 23 mils.  Not a whole lot of adjustment for such an expensive scope. I went to the Steiner website and read several of the reviews on this scope. Everyone seems to be of the same consensus that it is a great scope for the money and some have boasted that it is the best scope they have ever owned (of course that doesn't account maybe for the junk they have owned in the past).

Steiner recommends using (perhaps because of the limited internal adjustment) a 45MOA scope base to utilize the full range of the scope. .45MOA seems or would appear to be extreme to say the least (not worried about cheek weld on a bolt action as adjustable cheek pieces are abundant). So am I wrong in assuming that a 100 meter zero would be difficult or impossible? Maybe getting close and using the mil marks for holding under would suffice. If not 100 meters, would getting a 200 meter zero happen?

Has anyone purchased and/or used this model scope or the military version brother of this scope? Any opinions would be appreciated.

Posted By: billyburl2
Date Posted: July/26/2015 at 12:27
I would recommend against the T5 scopes from Steiner! Their debut has not gone well, with several documented failures. This includes canted reticles, off-center reticles, and failed tracking tests.

 By all reports the Military line from Steiner is good to go. I haven't used one, but have fondled a couple in the store.

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Posted By: Gil P.
Date Posted: July/26/2015 at 15:35
I agree, and you can find the Military line scopes for the same or less than the T5Xi depending on the model. I would skip it for now.

What do you plan on using the rifle/scope combo for?

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Posted By: wcoastpi
Date Posted: July/26/2015 at 16:16
Target, Tactical SHTF

Posted By: koshkin
Date Posted: July/26/2015 at 16:19
Steiner T5Xi has a total of 34mrad adjustment range.  

23.5 mrad is the travel of the double turn elevation turret AFTER you have sighted in on a canted base.

The mechanical center of the adjustment range is 17 mrad from either side.  If you have a quality receiver and base and use a 45MOA inclined base to sight in you will be approximately 3mrad away from the edge of the adjustment.  While that is theoretically workable, I would not do that unless your receiver is slightly misaligned to the barrel and you need a 45MOA base to compensate for that.

If you rifle's barrel and receiver are properly indexed to each other, I would likely go with a 20 or 30 MOA canted base.  That will keep your scope operating away from the adjustment extremes after sigh in.

As far as problems with the T5Xi go, the one I have been testing is performing very nicely so far.  I also have the original Military 4-16x50 and the new M5Xi 3-15x50 here and unless something weird pops-up, the T5Xi is going to come out my favourite of the three.


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Posted By: wcoastpi
Date Posted: July/26/2015 at 22:57
Thanks for the info. It is always nice to hear from someone in the know. I thought I was off in my calculations. Still a little puzzled as to why Steiner recommends a 45MOA base.

Posted By: stork23raz
Date Posted: July/27/2015 at 07:30

I would avoid the T5xi line of scopes. they seem to have a design flaw. - - -
They just have a lot of mechincal issues.  Spend your money on something thats gonna work like its supposed to. Especially for that much money it better work flawlesselly in my opinion.

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Posted By: Gil P.
Date Posted: July/29/2015 at 14:10
The Burris XTR II looks good. Its half the price of the Steiner Tactical line and has the same SCR reticle. Its getting promising reviews.

With the money you save you could buy a new Manners, McMillan, or some chassis. Or you could get rid of that 308 barrel and buy a custom one in 6.5mm and get it chambered for 6.5X47 Lapua, or 6.5 Creedmoor. After its installed you would still have enough money left over for some reloading equipment.

I wish I would have done this...

Maybe someone else will comment with more information on the Burris.

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Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.

Posted By: notorious
Date Posted: July/29/2015 at 23:37
Here you go:

I would avoid the T-Series like the plague.  Adjustments are off, ghost clicks, canted reticles, etc.  It's scary how badly Steiner messed this scope up.  I have seen near-brand new scopes being dumped by their owner for $13-1400.

Burris, which is owned by the same parent company, has their stuff together with the XTR II line.  I have not been impressed with Burris glass before, but maybe Steiner gave them a few tips........

Posted By: ccoker
Date Posted: July/31/2015 at 11:28
I have ran a few of the Steiner Tacticals and none of them have had issues.
I think some of the stuff has been overblown on a certain site.

One of our staff guys reviewed the Burris XTR II and has a Steiner Tactical 5-25
He thinks it's a hands down better optic.


Pro Staff - Silencer Shop

Posted By: koshkin
Date Posted: July/31/2015 at 12:03
I currently have and XTR II in my possession, but I have not spent much time with it yet.  Still, the T5Xi is a better scope from what I can tell, and both are good for the money.


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Posted By: wcoastpi
Date Posted: August/01/2015 at 17:12
Apparently my calculations are off. The true center of adjustment is closer to 17 mils. With a 20MOA scope base is enough to get out to the upper ranges the .308 is capable of.

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