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scope for a Savage Striker

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Topic: scope for a Savage Striker
Posted By: rjtfroggy
Subject: scope for a Savage Striker
Date Posted: November/22/2014 at 06:53

 I will be buying a striker soon and want to put a scope on it but don't know a lot about handgun scopes. Looking for a variable up to about 12x that is clear through out its range, or should I be looking at a rifle scope and pray for no scope eyes to appear.
 This will be shot from a bench hopefully out to 200 yards(need for higher power,I'm old now).
 Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

 Ps cost as little as possible. Will be laying out close to $1000 for the striker.


Posted By: fiskermae
Date Posted: April/10/2015 at 22:13
If you want up to 12x I think the Burris 3-12 is your only option. Beyond that there's a few 8x's (Leupold, Weaver, etc) but that's about it.

Something I've found helpful with handgun scopes at longer ragnes is to not shoot solid color targets. Especially the round black splatter targets. I much prefer to shoot at a square that's open in the middle so the cross hair is clearly visible in the middle of the square on the white paper. I like the square to be big enough so I can see white all the way around the reticle but not too big so I can clearly tell when the reticle is centered in the square.

I realize that may sound a little weird to be so particular about the exact type of target but it helps. It doesn't have to be open squares, just a target where the reticle shows up clearly on the bright background along with a feature close enough to it to place it consistently. Trying to hold precisely in the center of a round black blob at a few hundred yards is frustrating. These specialty pistols have the inherent accuracy to shoot long distances but LER scopes are a challenge.   

Posted By: DCAMM94
Date Posted: April/10/2015 at 22:53
If your striker is braked, and you're going to shoot from a bench, consider a normal rifle scope that has good relief And good glass. I shoot a 7mm-08 and have made numerous kill shots on game past 200 yds with my burris posi-lock 2-7x. I'm currently building a savage custom on a target action. I will probably put a Ss3-15x on it, with a good brake. Your call, but fiskermae is right about the burris. Just don't think you need a handgun scope on a bench rest handgun, especially with a mid-grip like the striker. It's going to tip up, not back like a rifle. Good luck with your choice.

Also don't discount the value of the quality of glass. You can get an ss 3-9x and I'll bet you can see the target better than a 12 burris.

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Posted By: 3_tens
Date Posted: April/11/2015 at 07:17
+1 on the rifle scope. If you are going to keep the Striker restricted to under 200 Yds the Burris 2-7 with the B-Plex will be a good choice. The lower mag range of this scope is better suited for the design and glass. The 3-12 is pushing the limits and will not give you any more with the added magnification. The striker in .243, 6mm or larger is capable of much greater range. Check out the post by Ernie Bishop to get a better idea of the capability of the LR Handgun. These are more often shot with rifle scopes that have around 4" of eye relief at ranges out in excess of 1000 yards.

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Posted By: everydaywine
Date Posted: May/19/2016 at 10:24
Thanks for this thread.

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