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Swarovsk SLC 58310 and 58210

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Topic: Swarovsk SLC 58310 and 58210
Posted By: muleymaddness
Subject: Swarovsk SLC 58310 and 58210
Date Posted: July/12/2014 at 14:58
Is there much difference, optically, in these two?  I found a couple used pair of the 58210 as well as a good deal on the 58310.  Wondering if there is a difference?  I know they said they changed up the focusing and the appearance is a little different, but I wondered if the new ones were any better (clearer, etc).  Thanks!

Posted By: Bitterroot Bulls
Date Posted: July/12/2014 at 15:52
It is my understanding there were no optical changes. The new armor is a different color and smoother feeling. I prefer the older armor.


Posted By: muleymaddness
Date Posted: July/12/2014 at 15:59

Bitterroot - have you noticed how Swarovski's website doesn't list the new ones as "HD" but does list HD on the 58210?  Think that means anything?

Posted By: timberbuck
Date Posted: July/12/2014 at 16:11
The older version focuses closer but the optics are supposed to be the same.

Swarovski realized they were too close in price to the Swarovision and it was hunting sales. To reduce the price they simplified the focus and reduced the binoculars close focus ability a little.

Swarovski mentions that the new ones have the optics improved for contrast over the original SLC HD.

I  just bought a new pair in 10x42 and the optics seem better to me than the disc. SLC HD but its been a while since I looked through the disc. SLC HD so don't take my word for the truth.

I think the new SLC is the best hunting binocular available all things considered.

I am running my new 10x42 SLC against my 8.5x42 Swarovision and 8x42HT and they are just as good yet more compact and now quite a bet less $ than the Zeiss Victory HT or Swarovision.

I am selling my Swarovision as I can no longer take the Rolling Ball in the view.

Only reason I went with the Zeiss 8x42 HT over a new SLC 8x42 is I got a better deal on the Zeiss.

Both the HT and new SLC are awesome.

I predict there will be many a new SLC in hunters hands in the future to come.

Posted By: timberbuck
Date Posted: July/12/2014 at 16:13
All the current SLC models are HD they just dropped HD from the model name.

Posted By: Bitterroot Bulls
Date Posted: July/12/2014 at 16:28
Originally posted by muleymaddness muleymaddness wrote:

Bitterroot - have you noticed how Swarovski's website doesn't list the new ones as "HD" but does list HD on the 58210?  Think that means anything?

Timberbuck has it. The new SLC's still have flourite glass in the objective group. (Swarovski calls flourite glass "HD").

Also timberbuck summarized what they told me at SHOT. Same optics, new (simpler) focuser. they didn't mention anything about a contrast bump, but Swarovksi frequently tweaks their coatings/designs without much fanfare. We saw that a lot with the SLC neu.


Posted By: Nitrosteel
Date Posted: September/02/2014 at 20:26
Maybe this is a crazy question, but when looking to buy a pair of the newest 8x42 SLC's - how do you know you are getting the newest model? Some stores are calling them HD, others are listing them as WB. I had a pair and the box in my hand at Cabelas the other day and they didn't have HD listed anywhere on them, but it was listed as HD in the catalog and on their website.

Just want to be sure I know what I'm getting. How can I be sure?


Posted By: 3_tens
Date Posted: September/02/2014 at 21:00
Simple, Don't buy from a competitor. Buy from SWFA our Host. They will beat any certified dealer with 110% the difference. You can always trust SWFA .

Folks ain't got a sense of humor no more. They don't laugh they just get sore.

Need to follow the rules. Just hard to determine which set of rules to follow
Now the rules have changed again.

Posted By: Bitterroot Bulls
Date Posted: September/02/2014 at 21:45

As mentioned earlier in the thread, all of the new SLCs are "HD."  They no longer make non-HD models so they dropped the moniker.

Go ahead and ring up SWFA (972) 726-7348 as 3_tens recommended.  They will get you set up with one.


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