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Shotgun/ML scope on AR

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Topic: Shotgun/ML scope on AR
Posted By: Krm944
Subject: Shotgun/ML scope on AR
Date Posted: June/17/2014 at 19:41
I found a deal on a used shotgun scope (a nikon 1.6-5) shotgun muzzle loader scope that I think I would like to put on my AR.

My AR is 7.62x39 and used for deer/hogs within 75 yards mostly. It does have a BDC for slugs- while the x39 is not a flat shooting 26Nosler it doesn't drop like a 12 gauge slug either.

Aside from just trying it on for size, any way of pre determining how to best use shotgun drops for my rifle?

Posted By: Rancid Coolaid
Date Posted: June/17/2014 at 20:18
Mount it, take it to the range, zero it, then look at a target of known size - there is usually a mark on the power ring to tell you at what magnification it is accurately proportioned.

If you set up at exactly 100 yards and you use a target with inches marked off, you can determine where the additional aiming points fall.  Then you just need to know the drop for your bullet, and you can make a small sticky of what range corresponds to what aiming point. 

I have a Swaro muzzle loader on a 300BLK that I use for super and sub.  I know the 100 yard zero for both and a few additional aiming points for subsonic rounds.  It all works, you just need to put the time into accurate range data.

Nikon also has some program that is supposed to help with this, I'd avoid that: your rifle and your ammo are zeroed only when you send rounds down range.

The plural of "anecdote" is not "data."

Posted By: Krm944
Date Posted: June/18/2014 at 02:13
Going against your advice, I went to check out the Nikon Spot On software. I found it pretty neat and i learned a feqw things as I poked around.
The 2nd reticle corresponds pretty closely to a 200 yard zero. Super cool!

Posted By: Rancid Coolaid
Date Posted: June/18/2014 at 10:19
Using the program to get close is not the issue I see, using the program information as authoritative"zero" data for your rifle, your load, and your conditions, that is where the problems arise.

As the great President Ronald Reagan once said, "Trust but verify."

The plural of "anecdote" is not "data."

Posted By: lennyzrx
Date Posted: March/26/2015 at 19:22
should be fine.

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