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Aimpoint® Zeroing Target

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Topic: Aimpoint® Zeroing Target
Posted By: Skylar McMahon
Subject: Aimpoint® Zeroing Target
Date Posted: February/13/2014 at 14:09

It will save you time and ammunition at the shooting range!

This zeroing target helps you to zero your sight in a very easy way while you're at the shooting range.

Compared to regular shooting targets, zeroing with the Aimpoint zeroing target - is more precise and it will save you time and ammunition at the shooting range.

You no longer have to estimate the number of clicks needed to zero the sight. Each square equals a pre-determined number of click adjustments at a certain distance (25m, 50m or 100m). You will save many shots at the range.

There is a zeroing target available for each sight model in the current Aimpoint product line.

Just print the appropriate zeroing target, which is available in A4 pdf format, and bring it with you to the shooting range.

If you need further instruction about how to zero your sight, please select the alternative below which suits You best: - How to zero your Aimpoint sight - a step by step guide - Getting the most from your Aimpoint® sight

NOTE: The PDF must be print in "actual size"

  • The print preference "actual size" is found somewhere in your printing window, see an example below.
  • If the "actual size" option isn't found in your print widow, try to find an option similar to: " No page scale"
Once you have printed the target, check that the squares equals to the size specified in the top left corner of the printed target. -

Posted By: ccoker
Date Posted: February/13/2014 at 14:17
that is awesome!


Pro Staff - Silencer Shop

Posted By: Skylar McMahon
Date Posted: February/13/2014 at 14:19
Thanks Charles. Should save some time.

Amat Victoria Curam

Posted By: 3_tens
Date Posted: February/13/2014 at 16:35
It now says the page does not exist. I guess to many people looked. See how well people pay attention when Skylar speaks.

Folks ain't got a sense of humor no more. They don't laugh they just get sore.

Need to follow the rules. Just hard to determine which set of rules to follow
Now the rules have changed again.

Posted By: Skylar McMahon
Date Posted: February/13/2014 at 16:42
Fixed the links

Amat Victoria Curam

Posted By: jonoMT
Date Posted: February/13/2014 at 18:55
If you select Custom Scale and put in 91.44% you could probably use the target at 100 yards.

Reaction time is a factor...

Posted By: Kickboxer
Date Posted: February/14/2014 at 07:24

That is a good tip if you don't have a 100m range.  

… however, since I can measure my own range in my back yard…

I change ranges all the time… almost every time I shoot.  I've not gone to the public ranges in a while.  Probably should, I can shoot further more easily.  One of the reasons I change my "range" around so much.  Constantly looking for positions to shoot from to meet the range I want to shoot.  One of these days I'll get around to knocking down some more trees and clear out my shooting lanes again.  I USED to have a great 300 yard range and a useable 500 yard range.  Now, with everything all grown up, I have to fight briars and trees to get 200-250 yards… unless I open my front and back doors and shoot through the house… 
Don't tell Lori...

Opinion,untempered by fact,is ignorance.

There are some who do not fear death... for they are more afraid of not really living

Posted By: 3_tens
Date Posted: February/14/2014 at 08:13
I hope she don't come home early when you pull this trick. Hugger Enjoy your Valentines day.

Folks ain't got a sense of humor no more. They don't laugh they just get sore.

Need to follow the rules. Just hard to determine which set of rules to follow
Now the rules have changed again.

Posted By: 20nickels
Date Posted: December/05/2014 at 17:59
Thank you very much.  Firing up the laser printer.

Posted By: realAmericanMan
Date Posted: January/06/2016 at 19:53
Skylar It's not up for all to see brother !  Not your fault . I'll call you tomorrow at the shop . This is a must have !  Why do I need SWFA to show me Aimpoint stuff ? Because SWFA is the most kick butt scope company and SWFA scopes are the best value INDISTRUCTABLE BASEBALL BAT SCOPES ever . Did you know SWFA scopes are 1.5 MM thing body tubes ? The N/Force is only 1mm  thin . Wake up Merika ! SWFA !  

Skylar knows the deal . Case Dismissed Guaranteed .com will get your 2nd amendment case dismissed guaranteed in writing  ( NO CHARGE ALL %) STATES  ! )Excellent   

Posted By: Armypilot
Date Posted: January/17/2016 at 09:53
Try this link and follow to your sight. -

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