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holographic vs. reflex

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Topic: holographic vs. reflex
Posted By: River Runner
Subject: holographic vs. reflex
Date Posted: December/11/2013 at 22:53
OK, I'm still not clear on this.  I can get an EO Tech "holographic" sight for hundreds of dollars, or I can get a "reflex" sight for under $50 that seems to work just fine.  Is there a difference between a holographic sight and a reflex sight?  They look pretty similar.  What makes an EO Tech worth ten times as much?
No offense intended to any of you that have EO Tech sights.   I'm just trying to get the straight dope on this.


Posted By: supertool73
Date Posted: December/11/2013 at 22:58
$50 sights are cheap. Not reliable and more likley to fail. Eotechs are known to be very durable and dependable.

So if u are just looking for a plinker for low volume shooting, and not to concerned that it may fail and need replaced go with the $50. If u plan to us it as a self defense weapon or a hunting weapon were dependability is more critical the eotech would make more sense.

Personally i would get an aimpoint micro. They are the cats meow.

Lifetime warranty and excellent customer service don't mean a thing when your gun fails during a zombie attack.

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Posted By: RifleDude
Date Posted: December/12/2013 at 11:17
Originally posted by River Runner River Runner wrote:

Is there a difference between a holographic sight and a reflex sight?  They look pretty similar. 

A holographic sight IS a type of reflex sight, but a reflex sight may or may not be a holographic sight.

The difference is in the sight's form factor, how the image you see is projected, and the reticle design.

Typical reflex "dot" sights use the reflected image from an LED onto a curved glass surface.

Holographic sights use a laser image projected on a screen, and therefore, can have a more complex reticle design.

The glass "screen" on the holographic reflex sights (Eotech) are larger and -- I think -- are more forgiving of eye alignment and provide a less obstructed view than the typical dot reflex sight because the screen is on a single plane (much like a H.U.D. in an aircraft cockpit) vs. looking through a tube like a scope.

Dot reflex sights sometimes have a similar "H.U.D.-like" form to holographic sights, but more often have a "scope-like" tubular form with more than 1 lens, i.e. Aimpoints.

Dot reflex sights have much longer battery life than holographic sights because they use an efficient LED that draws much less power.

Holographic sights are more power-hungry, which significantly reduces battery life.

The typical dot sight can be made much smaller in size.

I personally think the holographic sight is faster to acquire a sight picture because your eye can be further off the central axis of the sight and still see the reticle, but others may disagree.

As for cost, a red dot sight can in many cases be less expensive only because there are more low end manufacturers in China making them vs. the holographic sight. I suspect that's because they are less complex to build than a holographic sight, but I don't know that for certain. I also suspect that L3 / Eotech probably has design patents that prevents other manufacturers from building a similar sight. L3 / Eotech is the only manufacturer of holographic sights I'm aware of. I'm pretty sure they manufactured the Bushnell Holosight for Bushnell. Aimpoint dot sights are about the same average price as the Eotech holo sights.

In the end, they both do the same thing, and they both compensate for parallax, so it's a personal preference, "Ford vs. Chevy" thing.


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Posted By: River Runner
Date Posted: December/12/2013 at 14:33
Ok.  That helps a lot.  I've been experimenting with dot sights and lasers on airguns so I'll know what I want when I get a 40 SW.  I bought an airgun with a red dot sight that was only $3 dollars extra.  Yes, that's three dollars.  It actually works surprisingly well.  The biggest problem is that you can't adjust the power and the lens doesn't seem to be coated, so in a dimly lit hallway (my range) you get a lot of light scattering off the glass, obliteraing my view of the target.  I've ordered a $45 reflex sight with adjustable power for my other air gun.  Both are the same style as the EO Tech, and not the tube type.
I have some serious vision problems.  Even with glasses, my eyesight is about 20/40.  I have trouble seing the sights, and sometimes the target. Fiber optic sights work pretty well, but I'm trying to find something better.   One problem I've found with the non holographic type of dot sight is that the image through the lens is darker than without.  Makes it hard to see the target unless it's brightly lit. 


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