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Burris "Twilight.Daylight" 3-12 AO ????

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Topic: Burris "Twilight.Daylight" 3-12 AO ????
Posted By: bootjack
Subject: Burris "Twilight.Daylight" 3-12 AO ????
Date Posted: November/30/2013 at 12:06
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Looks like a gimmick as the AO feature negates any need to adjust the depth of field and I have never seen another scope where too much light was an issue.

Anyone know anything about this scope ? Thanks.

Posted By: bootjack
Date Posted: December/17/2013 at 14:57
Well ..... appears nobody here did but the folks at Burris were very helpful. Scope was made until about 2000 in various variables. Theory was to prevent light overload in very bright conditions while still allowing all the light the scope could deliver at twilight. Obviously not a big hit and in my testing did nothing any quality variable could not do. Good scope, set in up in V blocks next to a 4.5-14 Conquest and it was just as sharp and bright except for a bit of fuzzyness at the extreme edges when set @ 12X.
Since the whole rifle, scope and mounts came out the pawn shop door for $250.00, it's a winner.

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