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US export restriction on scopes

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Topic: US export restriction on scopes
Posted By: leperray
Subject: US export restriction on scopes
Date Posted: May/28/2006 at 05:51

I would like to try understand if the recent attitude of some US online vendors of scopes and parts (mounts, rings...) is legal or not.
In short, they refuse to sell scopes to international customer (excluding Canada I assume).  If there are vendors reading those lines, can you please confirm that scopes are pohibited to export?  I am talking even about basic scopes with duplex reticule, not top equipments with military reticle or night vision.

I think this rule is counter productive.  I can understand that no one want to see bad guys using Made in US scopes... but this rule will not impact bad guys, only US economy and honest citizens (whatever the country name)

Let me elaborate. As a French citizen (yes I know....but if we could leave political topics for a minute ) Today, I am not allowed to buy from a US vendor (well at least they refuse), unless this vendor ask for an export licence and I am sure and understand vendors will not take the time for that.  
mmmmm... okay, but Why do you want to buy scopes in US, this is suspiscious...  Well there is one good reason: Price.  For instance a Bushnell 3200 10x 40 is sold 380 Euros (close to 500$) in Europe versus 180$ in US.  Do you think 100% price difference is good enough ?  I think so.  My wallet do

So back to the bad guys.  Let say they can not anymore purchase from US at a bargain.  Their goal is not to save money but create misery and destruction.  So they will buy elsewhere in the world, even used one. And they do not need millions of them, a few hundreds are enough.  Or they will buy from Europe.  I think IOR, S&B, Meopta, Zeiss are of good enough quality, right? and there is absolutely no export restrictions in Europe on such products, including Tactical models. 
On top of that, any European citizen can STILL buy US products (Leupold, Nightforce...) including tactical models in Europe.   Because export from US is restricted to individual but not to importers who can afford spending time to get US export licence.
You can imagine that such a rule is not going to stop anyone to buy and get delivered in US or Canada and ship them overseas or bring them back to home.  If you think it will do, think about immigration law and millions of illegal person in US (I do not want to argue about it, it is just an example....  if you want to come illegaly in US you still can do it.  If you want to illegaly buy scopes, you still can dot it).

So at the end of the day, if European shooters can not buy directly from US but have to go through importers, I am afraid they will buy more and more European products versus US made products.  Good for Europe, not America... and bad guys purchase will not even slowdown a minute.   To me it looks like another political decision for the mass with no result (do not worry this type of decisions is universal and not specific to US, far to be).

To conclude, let me add that I just want to share my thoughts about a rule which to me does not bring anything in terms of counter-terrorism  except making honest vendors and buyers lifes more difficult and costly.   I personnaly own 36 guns of all type (rifles, hand guns...) including Ruger, Marlin, Winchester, Remington, Savage and I am very proud to own them as they are great products and I am more than happy to make work US industry, no problem.... but such export rule is only a pain in the ass for no result.  I did send an email to the US State department with the same arguments... with  no answer so far (4 weeks ago).

Take care and long life to America

Posted By: silver
Date Posted: May/28/2006 at 11:51



It seems to me that you are reffering to what is often called "Grey marketing."  What you are seeing is the differance that additional Shipping, Liablity, Labour, TAXES, TAXES, TAXES, Customs delays, normal customer service issues and sufficiant incentive to go thru all the hassles of importation. 

"If we weren't all crazy we, We would go insane."   Jimmie Buffet

Posted By: koshkin
Date Posted: May/28/2006 at 17:41
I am sure someone who know more about this will chime in (and as requested I'll leave the politics out of it which is not all that easy for me).  Anything that has ever been used by the US military is strictly prohibited from being exported.  Military buys quite a few different scopes.

Now, there are still different scopes that are not used by the military.  However, the amount of credit card fraud for international purchases is apparently quite staggerring.  So a lot of retailers (like SWFA) stop international sales. 

If you can not find a retailer willing to sell you a scope, you can try Ebay.


Posted By: leperray
Date Posted: May/31/2006 at 13:48
Thanks silver & koshkin. I will try to find my way to an American product as much as I can !


Posted By: SCOOP
Date Posted: June/03/2006 at 20:47
that is rediculus ill agree.a scope for cryin out loud!

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