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Quick Q: on AIMPOINT red dot moa sizes!!

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Topic: Quick Q: on AIMPOINT red dot moa sizes!!
Posted By: SCGDevelopment
Subject: Quick Q: on AIMPOINT red dot moa sizes!!
Date Posted: May/10/2006 at 04:41

Im want to get a Aimpoint 2x 9000SC 30mm Red Dot Sight for my 10/22. - oint_red_dot_sights/aimpoint_9000sc_red_dot_sights.htm


I have no idea what the difference between 1 moa and 2 moa is..... the handgun one says 7 moa, others say 4 2 and 1.... Well, ill be shooting small game at close ranges if that helps any.  30 - 100 feet mostly.  I have 2 choices, the 1 moa and the 2 moa.


Posted By: koshkin
Date Posted: May/10/2006 at 11:38

The way to think of it is 1 MOA is approximately 1" at 100yards.  Consequently, 2 MOA is ~2" at 100yards, 4MOA is approximately ~4" at 100 yards, and 7MOA is ~7" at 100 yards.


For dot sizes at 100 ft just divide those numbers by three:  1MOA = ~ 0.33", 2MOA= ~0.67", 4MOA= ~1.33", 7MOA= ~2.33"


IMO, for your needs a 4MOA dot would probably offer the most verstility, but 2 MOA should work fine also.


Another sight to consider is Bushnell/Eotech Holosight which works very well and has a circle/dot arrangement which I personally prefer.



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