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.22 Rifle Silhouette scope

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Topic: .22 Rifle Silhouette scope
Posted By: Yotimbo
Subject: .22 Rifle Silhouette scope
Date Posted: June/15/2013 at 14:18
Slowly getting into .22 steel target shooting and looking to get a scope with more than 10x magnification. For the time being the budget is under $200. This puts scopes like the Weaver T series out of reach. Looking over SWFA's website I've seen a few possible choices. Wondering if anyone has any real world experience with them (not just armchair opinions). A few contenders so far are:

1) Hawke 6-24x44 Varmint Riflescope - A little over the budget mark, but has nice side focus feature.
2) Pentax 6-24x50 Gameseeker 30 - 30mm tube and side focus, but kind of a funky reticle.
3) Bushnell 6-24x40 Banner Dusk & Dawn - Good reviews, right price.

Thanks for your input.

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Posted By: 3_tens
Date Posted: June/15/2013 at 14:35
You will be able to see your shots beter with lower magnification. In the lower priced scopes the higher magnification tends to magnify the lack of quality more than the target. Balance the price by putting influence to better glass than more magnification.Check out the Vortex line up. Here is a Vortex Diamonback on the SWFA  Samplelist that will have better glass than the scopes you have listed.
SPL18360 - Vortex 4-12x40 Diamondback Rifle Scope DEMO-B">Click to view DBK04BDC, Matte, Dead-Hold BDC, 1"

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Posted By: PhilR.
Date Posted: June/15/2013 at 19:09
How will you be sighting for the four distances in silhouette? Will you be adjusting elevation for each distance, or will you be using mil-dots/hash-marks for your elevation adjustments?

Side-focus is nice, but not really needed for silhouette. Since there are just four distances you will be shooting, you can just mark those four settings on a front adjustable-objective bell.

Posted By: Yotimbo
Date Posted: June/16/2013 at 13:12
Thanks for the replies.
I'll look into the Vortex scopes. I know they're popular, but I've never seen one up close. I have an older Bushnell Legend 4-12X40 that I might try putting on and shooting a bit, just to get an idea what 12x looks like through it.
What I've done so far is use mil-dots for elevation adjustment. I zero-ed in at one distance and then use the dots to compensate for the other distances. The wind seems to be blowing constantly at the range so I'm leery about leaving the caps off.
Now that I think about, might have to hold out for real target turrets and better glass. American Flag

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Posted By: boats
Date Posted: July/09/2013 at 20:51
If you intend to shoot NRA regulation Silhouette few things to think about. This from 20 plus years in the sport.

Optics don't need to be wonderful, matches are held in daylight on improved rifle ranges, low light never a factor. The right scope may have good optics but it's not a requirement Old US made Weaver T's good example they work just fine with less than bright optics.

Waterproof is not a bad thing but you never shoot silhouette in the rain. Even if it does rain most clubs have a covered shooting house

You need absolutely repeatable adjustments Elevation Wind and parallax. Short sight in time match day it's essential when you dial in Ram setting the scope is perfectly zeroed. Move back to the Chickens and through the targets same thing. Turn the knob it has to zero perfectly according to your pre checked zeros.

No successful shooter holds off or uses complicated reticles. Only thing you want to pay attention to is the spot you intend to hit on the target. Most shooters use a single dot bit under 1 moa. You can get away with a Duplex Cross hair but few do, changing them for a dot soon as possible

Power is your friend but get too much the scope can get cranky on high mirage days. If going over 20x better be a pretty good glass. 12 used to win years ago, no more 12's won't do the job, can't pick your spot on the critter.

Look at any major matches equipment list all you see is Leupold and Weaver. Look at winners scopes same thing two brands. You can buy a used Weaver within your budget.



Posted By: topbrass
Date Posted: July/09/2013 at 21:39
I use a Leupold fixed 24x 40 target scope with Premier 1/2 moa dot reticle on my Silhouette rifles and pistols.

They dont make the one I have and Premier does not do reticles anymore.  If you can find them they are expensive.

Weaver T series are good, but the 1/8 dot will disappear if you are on a black animal.

The closest I have seen, and the one I would buy now is:

Leupold FX-3 Silhouette Rifle Scope 25x 40mm Adjustable Objective 1/2 Min Leupold Dot Reticle Matte

Leupold #: 66850 UPC #: 030317668501

Posted By: boats
Date Posted: July/12/2013 at 20:46
Good advice, I have never actually looked through one of the new Weavers just see a lot of them on the firing line. My two old Weavers are US made and have been converted to Dot's

Do have a early Jap Weaver KT 15 on my 10 M Air rifle used for Silhouette practice indoors. Not a bad scope for the money. Adjustments are it's weak spot. Let me down several times in regulation 4 distance silhouette when we had the 7 1/2 lb Hunter rifle rule. Needed the light scope to make weight. Adjustments don't matter at 10 Meters & the air rifle has never knocked it apart

Go Leupold you won't regret it. On the power lot depends on your rifle, I only shoot Hunter class now, 8 1/2 lb rifle 6.5x20 is just right. 10 Lb 2 oz Silhouette rifle class gun the more powerful fixed powers are the way to go.



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