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Building a 12 guage 11-87 whitetail hunting rig

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Topic: Building a 12 guage 11-87 whitetail hunting rig
Posted By: Ggerg1186
Subject: Building a 12 guage 11-87 whitetail hunting rig
Date Posted: May/14/2013 at 17:56
Didn't see a new member introduction area...but I figured I will start here. 
I have 4 guns that I want to purchase optics for, but my top priority is for the latest edition to my 11-87 Remington 12 guage.  I purchased the gun used with a bird barrel and OEM walnut stock, but have finally purchased all of the components to build my newest deer hunting rig.  (Most of Iowa is shotgun only)
I bought the Remington brand 21" slug barrel, fully rifled with the cantilevered scope mount
I plan to shoot Hornady 2-3/4" plastic sabot rounds
I have heard this combo is good to 175-200 yards and I am looking for a scope to match the capability of the shotgun.  My current spend limit is about $250 unless someone can tell me what return I get for spending more than that with my expected target range.  I would be hard pressed to mount a scope that is worth more than the shotgun itself.  (I can be reasoned with, but my wife....Big Grin)
I probably do not need more than 3-9 power.  I have a mill and a lathe so I can build custom scope mounts for larger objective lenses.  (currently thinking 40-50mm). 
I have a 12ga used for bird shot, so I do not plan to dissassemble the 11-87 once it is set up for deer hunting.  This 11-87 will be used exclusively for target practice and deer hunting.
Any input is appreciated, but I will be searching and lurking for a bit to see what others answers are available.  Feel free to post a link if this question has been answered elsewhere.

Posted By: SVT_Tactical
Date Posted: May/15/2013 at 08:02

Some recommendations to gander at -">Vortex 2-7x35 Diamondback Rifle Scope">Dead-Hold BDC - Vortex 2-7x35 Diamondback Rifle Scope
Stock # - DBK07BDC
  • Matte
  • Dead-Hold BDC
  • 1"
javascript:__doPostBack%28ctl00$wpm$CategoryGrid$ctl04$ProductList$ctl03$Add2Cart$AC,%29">Add Vortex 2-7x35 Diamondback Rifle Scope to Cart - More Details »

Optional Accessories:

Vortex has one of the best warranties in the industries.  I have used this exact scope on a 30/30 levergun and its a great fit.  The gun is my cousins and his comfort level on a shot is about 200yds.  When I sighted it in I took it out to 200 yds using the holdover marks.  Worked like a charm.  Just have to spend some time and know what each hold mark equates to with your load.   Would be top on my list if it were my choosing.">Burris 2-7x35 Fullfield E1 Rifle Scope"> - Burris 2-7x35 Fullfield E1 Rifle Scope
Stock # - BUR200317
  • Matte
  • Ballistic Plex E1
  • 1"
javascript:__doPostBack%28ctl00$wpm$CategoryGrid$ctl04$ProductList$ctl01$Add2Cart$AC,%29">Add Burris 2-7x35 Fullfield E1 Rifle Scope to Cart - More Details »
I have grown to really like this reticle in the E1's.   I have/had one in 3-9 and it worked great once I practiced with it.  I used it on a blackout and had pretty good results out to 350 with it. With time at the range the holdovers for both elevation and windage could make it a very quick and deadly combo.">Sightron 3-9x42 SII Riflescope">Hunter Holdover Reticle - Sightron 3-9x42 SII Riflescope
Stock # - SII39X42HHR
  • Matte
  • Hunter Holdover Reticle
  • 1"
  • - Mail-In $50 Rebate
javascript:__doPostBack%28ctl00$wpm$CategoryGrid$ctl04$ProductList$ctl02$Add2Cart$AC,%29">Add Sightron 3-9x42 SII Riflescope to Cart - More Details »

Optional Accessories:

The sightron SII has a great reputation and good glass.  With the holdover reticle again you have some time at the range developing and then you will have a great and fast combo. 

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Posted By: Peddler
Date Posted: May/23/2013 at 15:26
  I'd get the barrel pinned and put a 4X or 6X by 40MM on it. Don't especially like the cantilever but you already have it.

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