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Swarovski z5 5-25x52 sun shade

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Topic: Swarovski z5 5-25x52 sun shade
Posted By: avery
Subject: Swarovski z5 5-25x52 sun shade
Date Posted: April/24/2013 at 16:57
I'm looking for a sun shade for my z5 5-25x52mm but having a hard time finding them they don't list them on their web site. Is there other brands that people one here have used or know that will match the threads?

Posted By: Chris Farris II
Date Posted: April/25/2013 at 08:59
We have not found a single one that fits it. The 52mm is what makes it hard.

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Posted By: avery
Date Posted: April/25/2013 at 12:25

Posted By: mike650
Date Posted: April/25/2013 at 13:05
Wish they made a 2" sun shade for the 2.5-15x44 z6, that would be my next scope if they did.  Sad

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Posted By: tfen12
Date Posted: November/22/2014 at 14:25
Has anybody come up with a solutions for this? I cant seem to find any sunshades or scope covers/caps that will thread in. I called Swarovski, and they said the thread pitch was 75 x exactly sure what that means though. All/any help would be appreciated.

Posted By: mike650
Date Posted: November/22/2014 at 14:42
Do you have a buddy in a machine shop, you can have him make it and then have it cerakote or mil-spec anodized. I'll probably go that route if I get a new scope, want a shade but can't find one for it.

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Posted By: McGeeOJ
Date Posted: January/27/2015 at 08:07
Any of you guys figure this out yet?  I'm approaching the same issue but working with a shop to make me one.  

Posted By: tfen12
Date Posted: January/27/2015 at 09:03
Let me know if you go the machine route. I'd definitly be interested in a qoute...

Posted By: McGeeOJ
Date Posted: January/27/2015 at 10:13
Oh my gosssssh.  I am deep in the weeds with this.  I'm actually working with a machine shop and Swarovski to get some of these made.  I am amassing data and ordering tube then driving an hour away to get this made.  If anyone is interested in one of these let me know.  It's going to be for the Z5 5x25x52 Swarovski (obviously).  I am waiting on a quote for hard coat anodization in black.  

Posted By: JoHunter
Date Posted: September/01/2015 at 08:30
Hey McGeeOJ - Did you ever get the Siunshade made and is there any chance of obtaining one I have the same scope same problem? 

Posted By: 4x4man514
Date Posted: October/31/2015 at 09:46
hey guys  thought id get in on this too. yall find anything?
i have a 3-18 x50 mm z6 and an older 30 mm tube 2.5 - 10 x 44(or maybe 42 ill have to look) that im trying to find shades for.
this is the only place online i can even find anyone talking about this. i never dreamed this would be such a difficult task.

thanks, Kevin

Posted By: mike650
Date Posted: August/03/2017 at 21:19
OK for those who care... a Leica 42mm sunshade perfectly fits Swarovski z5 and z6 scopes with 44mm bells. Just tried it. Big Smile

With that said, not sure if a Swaro 42mm sunshade will as well.

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