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leupold m1 v m3 v m5

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Topic: leupold m1 v m3 v m5
Posted By: dtrov
Subject: leupold m1 v m3 v m5
Date Posted: January/24/2013 at 12:31
So I know that this topic has been beaten to death, but I am still having a hard time deciding on what format is best for me.

I'm purchasing a Leupold Mark 4 ERT TMR for a remington 700 in 308. Generally speaking I think I prefer the tactical advantages of the M3 over the M1, but could use some help in making my decision, especially because I haven't seen a lot of information regarding the m5.


Posted By: BobbyH
Date Posted: January/24/2013 at 12:42
If you are going to get the TMR reticle, I would go with the M5 because it is in mils vs MOA.

Posted By: dtrov
Date Posted: January/25/2013 at 21:45
can certainly appreciate that. any other thoughts?

Posted By: Sparky
Date Posted: January/25/2013 at 23:14
I am not familiar with the M5 knobs, but it is a really good idea to have the adjustment knobs match the reticle. So you are MIL/MIL and not MIL/MOA. It is doable but much more complex to have them different.

Also are you locked in to a Leupold? Leupold does make a nice scope but for similar money you can get a nicer scope. Unless you are getting a military / leo discount.

Posted By: dtrov
Date Posted: January/26/2013 at 21:38
getting the discount, that's one of the main reasons I've decided to go with leupold 

Posted By: billyburl2
Date Posted: January/28/2013 at 22:37
I would go with the M5's. Not only do they match the reticle, but have the best "feel" out of all the Lueppy knobs I have tried. Are you getting a FFP, or SFP?

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Posted By: dillon_h
Date Posted: January/30/2013 at 09:13
M5's for sure.
You don't want MIL/MOA
And I dont think you are going to like the M3's.
This is from a post done by Urimaginaryfrnd

"M3 has 1MOA elevation per click and 1/2 MOA per click windage. The M3 scope is designed to be idiot proof in combat you have a scope dial that is BDC it compensates for trajectory and comes with cams for .223 .308 30-06 and 300 Win Mag but only certain bullet weights work. M3 is great for a gun fight but not very precise for target shooting. Say you are 3/4 of an inch high at 100 yds and you really wanted it to be right on the x because you paid $5000 for your Tac Ops custom sniper rifle that shoots a sub quarter moa group. You go down one click and now you are 1/4 in low. Will it work for killing yes but if you are a target guy it will drive you nuts. If you are a lousy shot it wont matter. So if you want fine adjustments you buy the M1 dial and if you want a system that wont let you get lost in the dial M3- (how many turns of the dial up did I go I forgot) with M3 one complete rotation of the dial will take you from 100 to 1000 yds.

Most people like the M1 system better but the M3 is much lower profile and wont snag on every tree limb you go past. I have one of each so I say buy both."


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Posted By: Big Bull
Date Posted: January/30/2015 at 14:03

I'm not sure you got an answer to your question but below is a detailed explanation of Leupold's M1-M2-M3 & M5 Adjustments. For precise long range  shooting and range estimation I prefer the M5. lots less movements for a 1 mil adjustment @ 3.6 in at 100 yds than MOAs. Personal choice!

M1 - 1/4 MOA elevation, 1/4 MOA windage. They can be removed if you take the set screw out. This allows you to "zero" the knobs.

M2 - 1/2 MOA elevation, 1/2 MOA windage, BDC calibrated for .308 168gr (only one knob included but different calibers can be obtained from Leupold.) Knobs can also be removed via the set screw to set back to zero.

M3 - 1 MOA elevation, 1/2 MOA windage, BDC calibrated, includes 3 interchangeable turrets calibrated for .308win 168gr, 300 Win Mag 190gr, and .223 Rem 55gr. Knobs can also be removed via the set screw to set back to zero.

M5 - .10 Mrad elevation, .10 Mrad windage. Knobs can also be removed via the set screw to set back to zero.

Posted By: cnjcomp
Date Posted: August/04/2015 at 08:55
I recently ordered a new leupold mk4 (51850) with M3 turrets. This scope is 3.5-10 40mm mildot.  It came with only one turret set for .308 M118 ammo.  I called leupold about the missing turrets and they stated that the scopes no longer come with the three interchangable turrets.

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