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Scope for 17HMR

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Topic: Scope for 17HMR
Posted By: penguin6
Subject: Scope for 17HMR
Date Posted: January/13/2013 at 08:53
Picked up a Savage 17HMR a little sooner than planned since everything's being bought up, and I'm not sure when supply will catch back up. I've searched the previous posts on this subject but haven't made a decision yet. I looked at the Pride Fowler RR, and it looks interesting and has good reviews, but I can't imagine using the rifle for the distances the reticle compensates for. If I'm going to shoot over 100 yds, I have other rifles I'd probably use instead.

Intended use is for small animals such as squirrels/rabbits/raccoons and possibly ear shots on small pigs if the opportunity presents. Since the trajectory is very flat out to 100 yds, and I can't imagine a situation where I'd shoot past or even up to that distance at the aforementioned targets, I'm leaning toward a simple reticle that's small enough for precise placement but not easily lost on dark fur or in low light. A small, light scope with a high of 9 or 10x would seem more than enough. I very much like the idea of a small illuminated dot, but haven't come across a light scope - preferably 1" tube - that's of good quality without spending a good chunk of money. I'd love to stay below $400.

Am I overlooking a good candidate, or am I going to have to either give up the illum or increase my price point to find what I'm looking for?

Posted By: bugsNbows
Date Posted: January/13/2013 at 13:06
Sometimes it is indeed tough to have your cake and eat it too. How about saving up a bit more and get the Trijicon Accupinnt 3-9 X 40 with a crosshair and green center dot? The optical quality is there and the non-battery illumination is "the bugs nutz".

If we're not suppose to eat come they're made of meat?

Posted By: Tip69
Date Posted: January/13/2013 at 14:40
you gonna be hunting at nite?   why the lit reticle?  Seems to me there are several good scopes you can get under $400.00!">BDC - Nikon 3-12x42 Monarch Riflescope
Stock # - NIK8420
  • Matte
  • BDC
  • 1"
  • Side Focus
$379.95"> - Bushnell 3-9x40 Elite Rifle Scope
Stock # - BUSE3940SF
  • Matte
  • Multi-X
  • 1"
  • Side Focus
  • RainGuard® HD
  • Ultra-Wide Band Coating
  • Argon Purging Process

take em!

Posted By: penguin6
Date Posted: January/13/2013 at 16:22
bugzNbows--The Accupoint is what I keep coming back to. I have the 3-9 green dot on a couple of rifles and really like it. Sounds like I need to just go ahead and spend the money. Thought I'd ask in case I've missed something. Thanks.

Tip69-- Good recommendations both. Thank you. Love the Rainguard on the Bushnells and have had good experiences with mine, but, yes, the majority of my hunting is at night, and the illum dot is nice to have. I was hoping one of you would point me toward a new Bushnell Accupoint with Rainguard on sale for $400 at SWFA. I like cake.....

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