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Nikon ProStaff ATB 10x25 or Pentax 8x25mm DCF SW

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Topic: Nikon ProStaff ATB 10x25 or Pentax 8x25mm DCF SW
Posted By: blurkuna
Subject: Nikon ProStaff ATB 10x25 or Pentax 8x25mm DCF SW
Date Posted: November/24/2012 at 20:01

I plan to buy - binoculars  to use for travel / nature and animal viewing.

I am undecided between - Nikon  ProStaff ATB 10x25 or - Pentax  8x25mm DCF SW.

From what I read, both are great compact, budget - binoculars - Nikon  ProStaff ATB 10x25 is great, but there might be alignment issues - resulting in double images. - Pentax  8x25mm DCF SW is a roof prism design, no alignment issues - but resolution is not as great as porro prism design.

May I be advised on which to purchase?
Are there any other pros and cons, to make the final decision?

Thank you

Posted By: Bird Watcher
Date Posted: November/24/2012 at 23:17

I looked through all three of the Nikon ProStaff binoculars today. (8x25, 10x25, 12x25)

Of course the 8x25 had the W I D E S T fov and the least amount of hand shake.

The 10x25 seemed to me to have slight hand shake,
while the 12x25 had an undesirable amount of tremors,
which is to be expected from such a small, compact, 12x binocular.

Images were bright. sharp, & clear while using my eyeglasses inside the store,
as well as looking through the front window glass of the Sporting Goods store.

As far as the Pentax DCF SW is concerned, I have never cared for "compact binoculars"
with a double hinge or in a roof prism. 

My suggestion would be to look for the Nikon ProStaff ATB in either the 8x25
or the discontinued 9x25. Wider FOV than the 10x & a little less hand shake.

These reverse Porro prism binoculars are little gems as far as I can tell. Thunbs Up -

Here's just one of several reviews from another Sporting Goods Outlet.

This is one of my first purchases for my first deer hunt last fall. I compared it to my dad's other brand bino and this is by far superior in almost every way. You have to see through them to believe how sharp and bright images appear.
Out of all the optics brands in the market Nikon products are a great buy because of the price point, build quality and warranty.
- Very Sharp
- Works Very Well in Low Light
- Light Weight
- Affordable
- Warranty
- Small Field of View...this is what you get when you want something light and affordable.


Posted By: blurkuna
Date Posted: November/25/2012 at 08:20
Merry Christmas Stan!

Now, I am uncertain between 8x25 and 10x25.
How significant is that 'slight handshake'?

Thanks for sharing!

Posted By: Bird Watcher
Date Posted: November/25/2012 at 08:43
Originally posted by blurkuna blurkuna wrote:

Now, I am uncertain between 8x25 and 10x25.
How significant is that 'slight handshake'?

Image vibration varies from person to person.
For me, it was enough that I decided to give the 9x a try.
For you it may not necessarily be a deal breaker.
The extra magnification from 8x to 10x is nice, if you really have a need for it.

Compact binoculars, such as the ProStaff, are so small & lightweight that they
tend to lend themselves more to hand shake than a larger binocular with more
weight and size.

If you order one just make sure that you purchase it from a seller who will give you
a 100% money back guarantee.


p.s. I just purchased a discontinued Nikon Prostaff 9x25 over the internet.
Mine was advertised as "new" but in reality it turned out to be "reconditioned" by Nikon.
I ended up returning it because of the 90 day warranty, from Nikon, for reconditioned binoculars.
During the daytime it was bright & very sharp, not lacking in any way as far as optics & coatings.
During the nighttime it has pinpoint stars  & no double images.
Collimation was spot on. Thunbs Up 

My negative opinions are: magnification above 8x is too shaky & magnifications above 8x restrict FOV.
I think that larger eyepiece lenses would help in increasing the FOV to a more comfortable level,
however, since the 9x is an older, discontinued model, perhaps Nikon has already addressed this solution.
The focus wheel is faster than I like it. I'm always tweaking it for the best sharpness.
A slightly slower focus wheel would keep me from 'searching', back & forth, for the best resolution.

My personal complaint is that compact binoculars, 25mm or under, are too small Thumbs Down for my hands.
Speaking for myself, the discontinued Leupold Katmai is as small as I would go.
The Katmai 32mm is the only compact, for me, that does not feel ridiculously tiny in my hands.


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