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Kaibab HD 15x56 vs. Minox BL 15x56 BR

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Topic: Kaibab HD 15x56 vs. Minox BL 15x56 BR
Posted By: FOsteology
Subject: Kaibab HD 15x56 vs. Minox BL 15x56 BR
Date Posted: November/14/2012 at 20:28
I find myself in the market for a set of BIG eye binoculars. Prime consideration is brightness, clarity and ability to resolve images 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset, and in extreme low light situations in thick brush/under tree canopy.

Due to the dismal 13mm eye relief, the Swarovski 15x56 has been ruled out.

Currently I'm debating between the Vortex Kaibab HD 15x56 and Minox BL 15x56 BR as both (on paper) proclaim 17.4mm eye relief and decent FOV.

Optically, is there much of a difference between these two? Or a case of splitting hairs? Even though the spec's indicate both are fairly identical (FOV and ER), is one easier to get behind, and less noticeable eye fatigue??

I previously had a set of the 13x56 Minox. Very good optics, but wanted a tad more magnification and eye relief. Currently leaning towards the Minox as I know a source that currently has a killer deal on demo's (1/2 the cost of the Kaibab).

Thoughts and observations?

Posted By: NDhunter
Date Posted: November/15/2012 at 21:26
I have not tried the Vortex, but just tonight, I had out my 15x58 ED Minox, which
is regarded better than the 15x56.  This was around 15-20 min. after sunset, and
things were getting very dim, and hard to see.  I was watching a treeline, at 500-800
yeards and it was hard to see. 
You would be pushing your luck, expecting much at 30 min. after sunset.
My 10x50 SLC NEU, was quite good though at the same time, they are super.

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