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Scope for Black Powder

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Topic: Scope for Black Powder
Posted By: alebrewer
Subject: Scope for Black Powder
Date Posted: September/12/2012 at 12:51
Can I get a suggestion for a 50 cal black powder scope.  The gun has real tree camo so would like something with this or matte black. Sub $300 would be good.

Posted By: Skylar McMahon
Date Posted: September/14/2012 at 15:52
I'd say if you are going to get one, go with the best available.  Too bad Nikon doesn't have the Omega's anymore.  Check these out.">Vortex 1.75-5x32 Diamondback Rifle Scope">V-Plex -
javascript:__doPostBack%28ctl00$wpm$CategoryGrid$ctl04$ProductList$ctl01$Add2Cart$AC,%29">Add Vortex 1.75-5x32 Diamondback Rifle Scope to Cart -
Optional Accessories:">Vortex 1.75-5x32 Diamondback Rifle Scope">Dead-Hold BDC -
javascript:__doPostBack%28ctl00$wpm$CategoryGrid$ctl04$ProductList$ctl02$Add2Cart$AC,%29">Add Vortex 1.75-5x32 Diamondback Rifle Scope to Cart -
Optional Accessories:">Vortex 2-7x35 Diamondback Rifle Scope">Dead-Hold BDC -
javascript:__doPostBack%28ctl00$wpm$CategoryGrid$ctl04$ProductList$ctl03$Add2Cart$AC,%29">Add Vortex 2-7x35 Diamondback Rifle Scope to Cart -
Optional Accessories:">Vortex 2-7x35 Diamondback Rifle Scope">V-Plex -
javascript:__doPostBack%28ctl00$wpm$CategoryGrid$ctl04$ProductList$ctl04$Add2Cart$AC,%29">Add Vortex 2-7x35 Diamondback Rifle Scope to Cart -
Optional Accessories:">Vortex 2-7x35 Diamondback Rimfire Rifle Scope">V-Plex -
javascript:__doPostBack%28ctl00$wpm$CategoryGrid$ctl04$ProductList$ctl05$Add2Cart$AC,%29">Add Vortex 2-7x35 Diamondback Rimfire Rifle Scope to Cart -
Optional Accessories:">Vortex 3-9x40 Diamondback Rifle Scope">V-Plex -

Posted By: tahqua
Date Posted: September/19/2012 at 11:48
Hi Dave, the draw you hunt over gets pretty dark when the deer are moving at first and last light. I would look at the heavy duplex Leupold's shown above. I would consider the 2-7x33 first out of those. Based on your shooting ranges, the 2-7 set on 6X should be bright enough and the reticle easy to see for your shots.
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Posted By: coyote95
Date Posted: September/20/2012 at 07:16
Welcome alebrewer, if you think you want to do camo this might work... -

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Posted By: Urimaginaryfrnd
Date Posted: September/20/2012 at 21:17
I just put this scope on my TC  encore 50 cal Musket.  Right now the scope at the price shown is discounted a hundred dollars.  For years I used a Nikon Omega but the glass left a lot to be desired. I have had several other scopes on that musket but I feel that I definately moved up in quality a lot by going to this scope here. The thing is if you live in a state that has a blackpowder season they probably dont have a rifle season or if they do its does only like here in Iowa. I believe you would be happy with this scope and doubt you would ever feel a need to replace it.">Zeiss 3-9x40 Conquest Rifle Scope">Z-Plex -
  • Etched Glass
  • 2nd Plane
  • $399.95 


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    Posted By: mil169
    Date Posted: September/20/2012 at 22:03
    I have run this one on my T/C Omega for the last three season's and have been very happy it. With the rebate, it is one of the best deals out there.">Sightron 3-9x42 SII Riflescope">Plex - Sightron 3-9x42 SII Riflescope
    Stock # - SII39X42
    • Matte
    • Plex
    • 1"
    • - Mail-In $50 Rebate

    Posted By: smesk403
    Date Posted: September/27/2012 at 14:56
    Nikon has omegas they have just been renamed the inline XR. Same scope just not paying royalties to TC anymore for the omega name.

    Posted By: smesk403
    Date Posted: September/27/2012 at 14:57
    personally for about $300 I would go with a leupold VX2 309x40 with a CDS. I have a vx3 CDS scope on my smoke pole and love it way more then all the BDC type stuff

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