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New Scope

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Topic: New Scope
Posted By: AE-35
Subject: New Scope
Date Posted: June/23/2012 at 13:50
 Hi guys, looking for advice, you all have steered me right twice before. I just ordered a new 22mag. bolt gun, going to be my 100 yard max. "yote" medicine, here in there mtns. Have  narrowed my choices down to the Vortex Diamondback 3x9 or the Sightron SII 3x9.  I hate AO for yotes coming in at a run. With the 22mag, I don't feel like I need a 50 yard parallax rimfire scope. Just clear and bright, most important to me, and a plain plex reticle nothing fine. Anybody have any experience with these two scopes? Really looking for the brightest, clearest one.  No shop's around here carry ether one, and I like SWFA anyway, here's where I'll be ordering from. 250 is my price limit, and  like I said before, you all have given me great advice. Hope I ain't being a pest. Thanks.

Posted By: DCAMM94
Date Posted: June/23/2012 at 15:43
I posted a similar thread earlier this week.  I was looking to put a fixed on, and some folks recommended the pride fowler 22 Mag scope.  Here's a link to the thread.  It's $50 more than you want to spend, but I bet the folks around here will tell you it's worth it.  Anyway, here you go. -

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Posted By: AE-35
Date Posted: June/23/2012 at 20:11
Thanks , but I really want a much "plainer" reticle, all most all my shots will be between 50 and 75 yards, over that I have to make head shots, and I'm so old that I'd most likely pic the wrong mark on that kind of reticle . I took one last week at 7am. called him in from a stand of trees 127 yards away, took him at a lasiered 63 yards as he crossed the field. Used my 22lr. , head shots are a must and I really needed more gun, at least for me to feel comfortable . I have a Sightron SI 3x9x32 on that rifle. Recommended by the folks here, I love it for squirrels, the reticle is plain crosshairs and with them not being target grade "fine",  they are very quick for me to pick up, much faster than the plex, ( RV9) on my other 22. I have to use it late in the season when I have more time to pick up the fine center crosshairs, and I have time to get that AO in focus. Really looking for the plain quick reticle in a very clear bright 3x9, not over 42, over that, 44 and up I have to get the scope so high, that I have a hard time getting a good natural, repeatable cheek-weld.

Posted By: DCAMM94
Date Posted: June/23/2012 at 21:38
You might try the weaver classic V in 2-10x38. Hopefully some others chime in. Good luck.


Although personally I am quite content with existing explosives, I feel we must not stand in the path of improvement. -Winston Churchill

Posted By: Sir Hoppalot
Date Posted: June/24/2012 at 07:55
I had heard the S2 was better than the Diamondback, but it's in a different price bracket.. here's an old post anyway.
"I have one of early S2 3-9x42 models and it is indeed better than the scopes in this comparison (although Diamondbacks wide field of view is better than S2).  However, S2 3-9x42 currently runs ~$250, so it is not really an apples to apples comparison.


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Posted By: Klamath
Date Posted: June/24/2012 at 14:26
Just for the sake of curiosity, why give up the wider fov and the "I don't have to fool with anything" aspect of a good 4x scope if you are not going past 100 yards?  Particularly if a 'yote may show up quick from some unexpected angle.  IMO 4x is enough for 'yote size head shots to 100 yards.  4x is easier to hold steady than more x's in the mag column would be too.
I'd agree that a 50 yard parallax is not much of an issue, so that broadens the selection a bit.
Sticking somewhat to your list, personally I'd get a Diamondback 2-7x.  Check out the fov advantage there over the 3-9x model.

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Posted By: AE-35
Date Posted: June/26/2012 at 23:33
 Thanks to everyone, got off the rock, just ordered the SII 3x9x42 Sightron Big Sky. I know more money, but wow... looked through a friends, it just blew me away !! I can see the big sky's giving the Lepould VX2's a run for their money.

Posted By: lucytuma
Date Posted: June/27/2012 at 16:17
I think the Big Sky would give the VX-3 a run for it's money.

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