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Scope choice

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Topic: Scope choice
Posted By: kmad61
Subject: Scope choice
Date Posted: March/01/2006 at 19:52

I have a Savage bull barrel 308 with a 3x9x40 Burris on it.I need more power to shoot at longer ranges.The scopes I have been looking at are the Bushnell elite 3200 5x15x40,Burris 4.5x14x42 Fullfield and the Nikon Buckmaster 4.5x14x40.These scopes are in the same price category and I seem to like the Nikon best(but I have a hard time putting a scope with a golden deer head on a tactical rifle).

Which scope is best???

Posted By: kmad61
Date Posted: March/04/2006 at 10:27
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Posted By: BillD1
Date Posted: March/04/2006 at 22:02
I have both the Elite 3200 and the Burris FF 2.  I really like the FF2 with the B-Plex, also my eyes prefer the FF2 glass. But for hunting conditions the Elite 3200 with rainguard and the firefly also has some advantages.   

Bill D

Posted By: cheaptrick
Date Posted: March/05/2006 at 04:55

Nikon or FFII would serve you well. The 3200 has not gotten real good reviews.


As an aside, the BM has be seen on more than a few "tactical shooters" rifles, so I think you'll be OK in that regard.

Sniper's Hide members have given the BM the TU>thumbs up.

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Posted By: Jon in Germany
Date Posted: March/05/2006 at 05:46

I seem to like the Nikon best(but I have a hard time putting a scope with a golden deer head on a tactical rifle).




Are you even going to use this rifle as a tactical weapon?  Even if the answer is yes or no, the caps can be blackened by a simple black perminant marker, or acrilic paint (water based) or black tape.  Unless you plop a high dollar Leupold or something I doubt you can find a much better scope.  I have a Nikon Monarch 5.5-16.5x  44mm, it an awsome scope.


I AM NOT KNOCKING YOU!  But as a tactical rifle, if that will be the use, a 3-9x should fit the bill very well.  I have a plane-Jane Elite 3200 in 3-9x  and I really like it, it is just as clear as my VX-II (also in 3-9x).  If you are going to use it as a "Beanfield" rifle maybe you would want a 4-12x with an adjustable objective, but I really don't see the need.  But I understand the desire.


One of my best friends is a police sniper, who is also from time to time attached to the FBI.  He uses a Remington 700 (.308) and he has a Leupold Vari-X III 3-10x  40mm, he says it fits his needs for urban and country long range shots.  But his limit (his personal) is 800m.

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Posted By: Urimaginaryfrnd
Date Posted: March/06/2006 at 11:58

The 4.5-14 variable is a valid choice for a tactical rifle. Police tactical rifles are usually used under 200yds and most of the time under 100yds. Military rifles are used as far from the target as possible as distance means safety.

If you dont like the deer on the lenscap call SWFA and ask if they can get a plain cap for you that will fit your threads and throw away the one you dont like. You are already at 3-9 so you are not gaining much magnification by going to a 10x Super Sniper but it will give you the look you are after. How about a Weaver Grand Slam I bet they can get this in black instead of silver. - 800591">Weaver 6-20x40 Grand Slam Rifle Scope Weaver 6-20x40 Grand Slam Rifle Scope
  • Silver
  • Varminter Plex
  • 1"
  • Adjustable Objective
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