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Printed Date: December/16/2018 at 07:09

Posted By: ercjr2001
Date Posted: June/14/2004 at 18:13

What is your opinion of the new Burris Euro diamond and the signature select?


How do these scopes compare to the Nikon Gold and Nikon Monarch?


I know you guys compare them in the late evening, which one is the brightest with the best resolution?


Mechanically which do you feel to be of better quality?





Posted By: Chris Farris
Date Posted: June/16/2004 at 17:41

The Euro Diamond and Signature Select use the same glass and coatings, the only difference is 30mm tube vs. 1".  Their are also different power ranges and reticle selections.  The same can be said for the difference between the Nikon Gold and Monarch.


These scope are hard to compare because they are both very good.  The Nikon is a little bit brighter but the Burris is a little bit sharper.  The Nikons are easier to use because they have a more forgiving eye relief (Burris' is some what critical).  Although both are rugged durable scopes and not prone to malfunction the Burris is quite a bit more robust for several reasons.  They are built like tanks, everything is done to the extent of over kill.


Here is a graphic showing some of the construction features of a Burris compared to the competition.

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