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Burris XTR Thoughts

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Topic: Burris XTR Thoughts
Posted By: ahiaring
Subject: Burris XTR Thoughts
Date Posted: March/20/2012 at 15:45
Seen quite a few good bargains on samplelist and other places on Burris XTR scopes. Specifically 3-12X50 and 4-16X50 models. What are your guys' thoughts/impressions on this line? I know the eye peice completely rotates with power adjustments which kind of is annoying and the turrents are capped, but other than that they seem like a good buy.

If you had to compare them or rate them to another scope such as a vortex, weaver tactical, mark 4, where do they fall in line?

Posted By: Urimaginaryfrnd
Date Posted: March/20/2012 at 17:57
The look tough as nails not as modern as vortex and weavers latest entries and not as widely accepted as the Mk4 Leupold.  I have had horid luck with most everything I have gotten from Burris but at a good price I'd be willing to try one my 1x burris pistol scope is on a 45-70 and it has held up real well so I would expect these to be one of their best designs and I know it has thicker stronger tubes which I like si it should be really tough.


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Posted By: odin
Date Posted: April/12/2012 at 22:24
I have a Burris signiture 4-16 I got in 2004 and it's still being used on my 300 wby, It's been a good scope has always held it's zero and I can tell you the glass is great. have done multiple side by side comparisons between the burris which is a 1" tube but has the same glass as the Diamond and XTR. compared next to a Leo VX3 and an IOR way better glass than the Leo and not so far of from the IOR not to say it's better I'm not sure it's worth the extra $800. The Burris is clearer than the Leupold but lags in low light thats where the leupold shines not as clear but wow you can use it in the dark. IOR well it's awsome glass but finicky in the mechanics.
Full disclosure
sent back twice 1, The illumination nob got loose they fixed it no other issuses, 2, had tactical turrets installed they work good, fit and finnish of turrets not so great (turrets arent XTR but Fullfeild turrets) I still have It. CS was good.
 Never had to send back for issuses,  it was always reliable sent it back to have M1 turrets put on. CS was great and the turrets worked great. But I sold it for a Vortex Viper PST Awsome scope by the way.
 I've owned 6 of them and sold every one of them there CS, is at there convienence and the most important part of a rifle scope the mechanics are hit and miss. Bottom line is I no longer have any of them and I would not take one to war.
The irony of that is they make mostly tactical scopes.
However I did take a vortex to war and it's awsome.

             I'm not surrounded. I'm in the middle of a target rich environment!

Posted By: odin
Date Posted: April/12/2012 at 22:36
IMO the Burris has better glass than my PST but not better than my Razor HD. I have a buddy who has an XTR and he loves it. If you can find a good deal and don't mind a mil dot I think it would be a great scope. IMO hope that helps!

             I'm not surrounded. I'm in the middle of a target rich environment!

Posted By: Sparky
Date Posted: April/12/2012 at 22:54
Of the ones I have looked through I would say the XTR is a step below the Mark 4 and the Weaver tactical, a couple of steps below the VX3, and depending on which model of Vortex a step below or above them.

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