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Burris E1 vs Vortex Diamondback (NEED HELP!)

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Topic: Burris E1 vs Vortex Diamondback (NEED HELP!)
Posted By: xot3ric
Subject: Burris E1 vs Vortex Diamondback (NEED HELP!)
Date Posted: January/10/2012 at 23:39
Hello, I am trying to scope up a .308 Savage for white tail deer and plinking.

I cannot decide between the Burris FullField E1 3x9x40 or the Vortex Diamondback.

They are both so close in price, warranty, and quality.

Has anyone done a comparison between these two scopes?

Any feedback from someone who owns them or have used them?

The only thing that draws me to the Vortex at this point is the wider FOV, and the ability to reset the turrets back to zero.

Clarity on them seemed good in a well lit store? Don't know about a field at dusk though?

I need help!

FYI:Already looked at the Redfields, the turrets seem plastic and cheap and no true BDC available.

Burris E1
Weight (oz):13">
Ballistic Plex E1

Length (in):12.2
Eye Relief (in):3.8 - 3.1
Field of View @ 100yds (ft):33 - 13
Exit Pupil (mm):13 - 5
Lens Coating:Fully Multi-Coated

Vortex Diamondback

Magnification3-9 x
Objective Lens Diameter40 mm
Eye Relief3.3-3.5 inches
Field of View44.6-14.8 feet/100 yards
Tube Size1 inch
Turret StyleLow capped
Adjustment Graduation1/4 MOA

Posted By: Skylar McMahon
Date Posted: January/11/2012 at 10:39
First of all, Welcome to the OT. Howdy
I cannot speak on behalf of the Burris.
I have no field experience with it.
You are correct though. Wink
They are both closely prices and very similar.
The Burris has a slightly longer eye relief.
But I have a handfull of the Vortex Diamondbacks in 3-9x40.
I didn't get a whole lot of photos, because I only had my cell phone on me.
But this picture was taken about 30 min before the sun went down, on 9X at 100 yards.
( Picture removed )
One thing I really like about the Diamondback is the re-setable turrets. I didn't like was how tight they were from the factory.
I had to dial the windage and elevation all the up to loosen them, then find my zero, lift the turret dial off, re-position then tighten back down.
Overall, I was very impressed with how it functions and tracks.
I am very pleased with them.
With it geting dark sooner in the evening has limited my field time with making videos and taking pictures.
But I hope to have some new videos and pics up real on soon mostly on SS stuff. Big Grin

Amat Victoria Curam

Posted By: xot3ric
Date Posted: January/11/2012 at 11:10
Thanks for the welcome and info Skylar.

That looks really nice, and that is a good tip for re-setting the turrets.

Does anyone have the E1?

Posted By: helo18
Date Posted: January/11/2012 at 11:37
I don't have an E1, but if it is the same glass that is in my FFII, it is, in my opinion, better than the Diamondback.  

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Posted By: koshkin
Date Posted: January/11/2012 at 15:39
When I last compared 3-9x40 versions of Fullfield II and Diamondback, I thought that the Diamondback had better glass, although by a small margin.

With the E1, I personally do not like the floating reticle.  Aside from that, it is a nice scope.

I would figure out which reticle you prefer and use that to make a decision.


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Posted By: Skylar McMahon
Date Posted: January/11/2012 at 15:49
I will get some better photos of the Diamondback later, hopefully this evening.

Amat Victoria Curam

Posted By: Staedy Aim
Date Posted: January/11/2012 at 20:21
Hello xot3ric. I have been looking at the same scopes you are as well as a few others. Not sure how partial you are to the ballistic reticles but another good scope that was suggested to me was a Bushnell. Heres the link...... I believe its in the same price range. Let us know what you get and what you think of itYep, Thought So

Posted By: xot3ric
Date Posted: January/12/2012 at 05:13
Hey Staedy Aim,

I checked it out an love that it has a side focus, that's typically something you don't see at that price point, but I an uncertain which model this is?  Is the glass the same quality as an elite 4200?

Also I heard that the warranty and customer service can't compare with Burris and Vortex?

If I go with Vortex and I accidentally drop my rifle from a treestand, they will take the scope back no questions asked.

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Posted By: powderburn
Date Posted: January/12/2012 at 06:03
I have a older burris FFii and I like it very much. Can't say on the vortex but the ones I have handled in the stores have looked nice. Like mentioned above the floating reticle is a bit different and not my cup of tea.

Not to hijack your thread but your last post sort of left me with a question that I feel sort of plagues the optics industry. Do you feel it s/b warranty work to cover a scope damaged by ones own mistake or bad fortune what ever you want to call it. I do not and would not expect the company to repair or replace my scope destroyed by a drop from a tree stand , 4 wheeler what have you w/o charging me for it. I know the internet is full of stories but that isn't right imho.

Posted By: xot3ric
Date Posted: January/12/2012 at 11:20
I can see where your coming from powderburn, but I think vortex understands that these things happen, that's why they offer this kind of coverage, it's their business decision (and a smart one).  I think what you are referring to is if one replaces a scope and lies as to why its broken because the warranty doesn't cover accidental damage.  If you want to continue this topic please open a new thread.


You are entering a world of Pain!

Posted By: Staedy Aim
Date Posted: January/12/2012 at 20:55
[QUOTE=xot3ric]Hey Staedy Aim,

  Is the glass the same quality as an elite 4200?

Also I heard that the warranty and customer service can't compare with Burris and Vortex?

I am not sure of the glass compared to the 4200s but some have suggested that its as good if not better than the other scopes you mentioned. As far as the warranty its a limited lifetime warranty. I think thats the same as Burris. I have heard that customer service is hit and miss though. Tough to beat the Vortex warranty but I agree with powderburn. I could not in good conscience expect them to replace it due to my own mistake. IMO the warranty wouldnt define my choice.
Its funny, when I asked these questions I had three scopes in mind under $200. By the time everyone chimed in I was considering 5-6 @ $300 or more. People here are very knowledgable and give insight that seems to change perspectives. Very cool site !!Excellent  Maybe Ill just buy a $3000 Nightforce and learn to sleep on the couchSleep  Good luck

Posted By: junesongnow
Date Posted: January/14/2012 at 23:25
I own a older burris FFii and I like it greatly. Can not declare around the vortex nevertheless the kinds We've handled inside the retailers have got seemed great. Like mentioned previously the floating reticle is various and not my own cup of tea.

Never to hijack the thread however, your last post kind of left myself which has a problem i sense kind of troubles your optics market. Do you experience feeling this s/b guarantee try to deal with the scope ruined by your own error


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