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lookin for a scope for 338 lapua

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Topic: lookin for a scope for 338 lapua
Posted By: 5.9 cummins rocks
Subject: lookin for a scope for 338 lapua
Date Posted: December/07/2011 at 18:24
 New to the board here. I recently purchased a savage 110 ba in 338 lapua. Im lookin at scopes tryin to figure out what everyone else is using on there 338. i see a lot of guys using night force but being I just flipped out 2 grand for the rifle Im not in any shape to spend another almost 2 grand for a scope. I will only be using the rifle at the range. I would like a decent scope for under a grand. Someting that will handle the recoil and not loose its zero by someone just breathing on it.  Ive been researching so far the SWFA,Konus,Nikon, and Falcon scopes but cant seem to get any real good information on any of them as far as durability and clarity, just alot of well I just bought one and will see what happens or well Ive only put a hundred rounds on it and it hasnt been with a 338 tho. I mean I dont wanna waste my time and money buyin a scope if it is not gona work to were I could just spend another year and save for a night force. I just really want to get shootin as soon as I can. I undersatnd you get what you pay for but if I can find someting good to get me buy for a couple years till I can get top of the line really all Im lookin for.
                                                        Thanks for any help

Posted By: hunterwingler
Date Posted: December/07/2011 at 22:10
U cant really go wrong with the SWFA scopes -
ur in right at $1300 I think. I dont own this one I do own the SS 10x42mm damn  good scope,only thing I'd tarde in for is a new one list above.

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Posted By: Sparky
Date Posted: December/07/2011 at 23:40
I could go with the SS5-20 as well. But for the time being and for range work have you considered a fixed power? SS makes some very nice fixed power in 10x, 16x and 20x for $300. It seems I do not get to shot my 50BMG as much as I want so I am toying with the idea of putting my NF 8-32 BR on another rifle and putting a 16x on my 50. I can not see keeping a $1200 scope on a rifle I do not shot a lot.

Posted By: SVT_Tactical
Date Posted: December/08/2011 at 07:22
I"d go with the 10XHD or 3-9 SS if you want under a grand, if you want to swing a bit mroe the SS 5-20 is a steal at the price.  Any of them can be traded in or resold and they retain their value much better than others.  The standard 6X, 10X, 10Xsf, 16X, and 20X are not in the same league as the 3-9, 10XHD, 1-4, and 5-20s.  As far as konus or falcon, i'd rather not shoot the rifle for a year than put one of them on it.  THe problem you'll run into with Nikon is adjustment range, normally they have limited travel and you'll run into issues when you try to shoot that 338LM to its full potential.  The SS's all have more than enough adjustment to get you where you can shoot.

Posted By: 5.9 cummins rocks
Date Posted: December/08/2011 at 09:26
Thanks guys. Im lookin into the SWFA and thinkin about chekin into a vortex as well. The hardest thing for me is buying a scope I cant go to the gunshop and look threw first. So just gota do my homework here. Any one got any thing to say good or bad on a Vortex?. I know eventually when the wife and money allow I would like to put a NF on it but for now just need someting that will handle the recoil and get me to at least 1200yards.

Posted By: SVT_Tactical
Date Posted: December/08/2011 at 09:40
The SS 5-20 has better glass than the nightforce, IMO. just and FYI
I had a guy that owns several NF look through my SS 5-20 illuminated and he has since started selling off his NF to get the SS's
As far as Vortex they have a great backing.  Their Customer services is great and the warranty on their products is transfereable. 
I have used the regular Vipers and liked them.  I have also looked through the Razor line.  Great glass.  The PST's have a decent following but they started out iffy as the orginal ones were not right. They fixed that and I've not heard anything negative about the latest ones. 

Posted By: jonoMT
Date Posted: December/08/2011 at 09:50
You can't beat the glass on the SS 5-20 with any NF I've ever used (or any I've looked through). 

Reaction time is a factor...

Posted By: 5.9 cummins rocks
Date Posted: December/08/2011 at 14:47
thanks for the info. so in your opinion is the vortex as good as the SS? Or even in the same ball park?. Ive got it narrowed between the Vortex and a SS now tryin to decide on a 44 or 50mm. Leanin on the 44. All this rifles gona be used for is shootin the distance.

Posted By: trigger29
Date Posted: December/08/2011 at 19:11
If shooting distance is the goal, and knob turning will be involved, the SS is the way to go. I'm looking to build a really LONG range rifle, and it will get a 5-20 SS.


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Posted By: 5.9 cummins rocks
Date Posted: December/08/2011 at 19:28
Well Im sure gettin a lot of people sayin go with the SS. That says alot. I guess its all in what I am lookin for bein the shooter but Im not sure I wanna go 50mm. My only other real option then in the SS is a 3x9x42 and Im not sure thats enuff scope for a gun that will shoot as far as this one will. Truthfully where I live im not sure Ill ever find anywhere over 1500yds to shoot. Thats why I was leanin a little more Vortex was I had a few more options to choose. Thanks roe everyones input. It has been very helpful.

Posted By: JameyF
Date Posted: December/08/2011 at 19:53
The SS 3-9 lacks parallax adjustment which isn't said to me too missed, but that and the limit of only 9x makes me long for something in the 3-12 or 4-16 range with parallax adj.  i have hte 5-20 and it's more scope than I need on a 5.56, but the glass is clearer and has much less distortion around the edges than my next best scope (2.5-16 Bushnell 6500).

Posted By: Urimaginaryfrnd
Date Posted: December/08/2011 at 20:19
I have two of the 5-20x50 Super Snipers and I like them.  I have had a VortexViper PST and while it is a nice scope the Super Sniper is built like a tank. I also really like the Trijicon Accupoint 5-20 but that probably wont work for you due to the limited 50 moa of internal adjustment. The other choice would be a Sightron SIII in a fixed 16 or a fixed 20x those would do you for a while The fixed 10xHD Super Sniper is also a possible but I really think you need higher power so the 5-20x50 Non Illuminated would be my recomendation. There is another scope you may wish to consider U.S. Optics makes some fixed power scopes the only one I see listed here is the 10x but you might call and ask if you could special order an ST17 or an ST22 U.S. Optics they are over you price range but I'd do that before I bought a Nightforce.  A guy could just put the $299.95  old style SS on until you could afford better they are not as good of glass as the new HD series but they are rock solid scopes. What is going to hurt you is the cost of the ammo even the brass is dam expensive.">SWFA SS 16x42 Tactical 30mm Riflescope">Mil-Dot - Bobby Paul Doherty
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Posted By: 5.9 cummins rocks
Date Posted: December/09/2011 at 08:57
Originally posted by Urimaginaryfrnd Urimaginaryfrnd wrote:

  What is going to hurt you is the cost of the ammo even the brass is dam expensive.">SWFA SS 16x42 Tactical 30mm Riflescope">Mil-Dot - SWFA SS 16x42 Tactical 30mm Riflescope
Stock # - SS16X42
  • Matte
  • Mil-Dot
  • 30mm
  • Rear Focus
  • OK for .50 cal
  • 1/4 MOA
Lapua is definately pricey. I do a lot of reloading tho so Ill just add that to the rest I reload. I havent looked real hard and I never really know the price till I load a few to see what the rifle likes but from what I have looked at after I buy the enitial brass I should be able to load some pretty good loads for a hell of a lot less than factory ammo.

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