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Bushnell Custom-m 3-9x32

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Topic: Bushnell Custom-m 3-9x32
Posted By: sboard1019
Subject: Bushnell Custom-m 3-9x32
Date Posted: June/28/2011 at 14:36
I just inherited a Bushnell Custom-m 3-9x32  (no.D607244) from my uncle and am completely stumped on how to mount it. I called bushnell and they told me to google it. I can't seem to find any information on it, and thought someone on here may know ow they work.

I have seen some versions online that seem to just mount t a weaver type base, but mine appears to be different. It looks like it was designed to mount to posts. the built in bases (atached to the weaver rail on the scope) have a 1/2" hole in the bottom with allen screws on either side to clamp down on to...?

Anyone know how to mount this? For a little history, the scope has been wrapped in newspaper in a shoe box since 1986 and appears to still be in great condition. It was originally mounted to a sporterized springfield 1903 (which I have) that is tapped to put a base on... but alas appears to be a custom job because I can't find a base that fits for the life of me. 

Posted By: Shenko
Date Posted: June/28/2011 at 16:54
Look up Millett Angle-Lock rings, see if that's what you have. If it is, they go on regular Weaver-style bases.

Posted By: sboard1019
Date Posted: June/28/2011 at 23:14
Originally posted by Shenko Shenko wrote:

Look up Millett Angle-Lock rings, see if that's what you have. If it is, they go on regular Weaver-style bases.

I looked those up and they are close, but not quite right. Here are some pictures for a better explanation. All 3 of the gun shops in town didn't have anything for me, and the local gun smith is out hunting for a couple weeks. - - - -

The bottoms of the mounts are smooth, so it can't mount to a rail. It looks like there is a post that goes up into the hole and is gripped by the allen bolts on the side...

Posted By: wienranch
Date Posted: March/20/2012 at 14:23
Sorry if I came in to this too late to be of any help.
To mount this scope, you need two posts that thread into tapped scope mount holes in the receiver.  The scope came with a selection of posts of differing heights.  Without these posts the scope is essentially useless as it can't be mounted with conventional rings.  I suppose a machinest could fabricate the posts.
I had 2 of these scopes, a 3x9 and a 6x, and thought they were nice scopes.  The lack of rings made for a very clean looking installation.   I never understood why the design didn't catch on.

Wien Ranch

Posted By: sboard1019
Date Posted: March/21/2012 at 15:38
Thanks wienranch! 

I thought that it might have to be mounted that way; I'm glad to know that my hunch was right. I haven't got around to taking it into a gunsmith and having them fabricate some new posts yet, but it would be nice to get them on my grandpa's old rifle. 

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