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Update on Vari-XII warranty replacement

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Topic: Update on Vari-XII warranty replacement
Posted By: rjac
Subject: Update on Vari-XII warranty replacement
Date Posted: November/23/2005 at 19:01
I asked people on this forum what they thought the replacement for a Vari-XII should be. Three people responded and thought it should be the VXII.
  I just got off the phone with the president of Leupold Tom Fruechtel. He called because I wrote him a letter about the poor customer service I had received and was receiving. My original post explained that Leupold offered a Rifleman to replace my Vari-XII, but after more than two months and speaking to a leupold rep at a Cabelas grand opening they sent me a VXI. I did tell the rep I was not in a hurry since I was buying a new scope for deer hunting the next weekend.
  Tom Fruechtel also says that the Rifleman is the correct replacement for a Vari-XII. I asked him to send me the corporate policy that shows the current equivalents, He said there is not one. He did say they would send me something official stating that the Rifleman is the correct replacement for a Vari-XII once I get this I will scan it and pass it along.
  The solution is they will fix my original Vari-XII and send me a mailer to send back the VXI. That is what I originally requested that my Vari-XII be repaired. I sent my scope in on August 31st and have called Leupold five times at my expense.
  I know most people have had good experiences with Leupold. I thought I would have had a good experience also, This was my first dealing with them and hopefully my last. I do own three Leupold scopes and have never needed their customer service and hopefully will never need it again, but with a lifetime warranty I feel bad for my kids.
  I am passing this information on so that people will think twice about buying a used Vari-XII because they sell for as much or more than the Leupold Rifleman scopes.
  I also would like a recommendation for a new scope. I was going to ask for a scope for Christmas and I am thinking about a 4x14 Master eries Aetec by Simmons. This will be put on a 22-250 for Prairie dog hunting, would this be a good choice?

Thanks for any info

Posted By: tarboroheel1
Date Posted: November/26/2005 at 17:51
Does this mean you get a VX-II in place of a Vari-XIII?

Posted By: koshkin
Date Posted: November/26/2005 at 18:58
I find it a little odd, but it is what it is.  If you are not happy with Leupold, don't buy any more scopes from them (I generally do not buy Leupold, but simply because I find their scopes quite overpriced).

As for a new scope, how muc money are you willing to spend?  What kind of a scope are you looking for? Magnification range, applicaiton, etc.


Posted By: Acenturian
Date Posted: November/26/2005 at 20:51

Wow now that is interesting since I have been told by friends that Leupold is the easiest to deal with when it comes to problems.  I always heared that that VXII is basically a Vari X III and that the VXIII is a higher end scope than what was in the previous line.


I'm with Koshkin in that I dont buy Leupold scopes because I think they are over priced.  I believe that you can get the same performance or even better performance at less cost.  Couple scopes that come to mind are the Bushnell 4200 series, Nikon Monarch, Weaver Grand Slam series.



If You're In A Fair Fight, You Didn't Plan It Properly
- Anonymous

Posted By: crispycritter
Date Posted: November/27/2005 at 14:02

I thought the VX-II =Vari-xIII and the VX-I =Var-xII.With this line of thinking,I can see the VX-I as a replacement.But a rifleman ?????


People are not going to like getting Leupolds worst scope for a replacement.At a time when people are finding as good or better scopes for the same or less money,Leupold should not screw up the "best warranty" title.

Posted By: Acenturian
Date Posted: November/27/2005 at 19:01

I have to agree with Crispycritter on that one, if Leupold screws up the "best warranty" title then I think many a sportsman/shooters are going to look elsewhere as many already have.  I always figured that the extra cost for the same performance was the trade off for a better warranty now I am begining to wonder.


As for the Simmons Aetec 4-14 scope for shooting varmits, the Aetec should work.  Of course there are better scopes but they cost a lot more.  The only area that I'd like to see more is in magnification.  I have a scope that goes to 16x and I wished I had a little more magnification. 


If you dont want to spend a great deal of money on a scope for shooting varmits I'd check out Mueller scopes.  So far I have one mounted on my .17 hmr and I have been very happy with the optical performance.  Do a search on this or other forums for the $$$ they are a pretty good scope. -

If You're In A Fair Fight, You Didn't Plan It Properly
- Anonymous

Posted By: rjac
Date Posted: November/28/2005 at 15:59
Thanks for your replies. As you say if you don't like Leupold don't buy Leupold. I agree with that and don't plan on buying anymore, I let Tom Fruechtel the president of Leupold know that when I spoke to him on the phone.
  I also let him know some of the same things that the people who have replied are saying that people paid more for Leupold because they had such a great reputation and that if they were going to replace higher end scopes with the Rifleman line many people would probably think twice before buying Leupold.
  The scopes I have been looking at to purchase have been Burris Fullfield II ant the Aetec 4x14 Master series. I read an article in the last American Rifleman and I liked the fact they have reduced part count and it is supposedly a better adjustment system.
  My maximum price is about $400. After reading some of the postings I have looked at The Bushnell 3200 and 4200, and I looked at the Mueller site. Thanks again for the replies.

Posted By: Brady
Date Posted: November/28/2005 at 16:18

If you sent in a Rifleman originally I wonder what you would of been offered?


It's definitely wrong to advertise a lifetime warranty, and when you have to have warranty work done you're offered a lower quality scope.

Posted By: crispycritter
Date Posted: November/28/2005 at 19:24
Originally posted by Brady Brady wrote:

If you sent in a Rifleman originally I wonder what you would of been offered?




Posted By: Acenturian
Date Posted: November/28/2005 at 21:01



That was good. 


At a $400 maximum I'd go with the Bushnell 4200, it is a BIG step above the 3200.  I have a Mueller scope on my .17HMR and its good for what it is (Chinese Scope, the glass I heard comes from Japan) but it is no where near a Bushnell 4200 and I'd still say a step down from the 3200 Elite.


If your looking at something a little cheaper than the 4200, you owe it to yourself to research here on the forums as well as in person the Weaver Grand Slam.  Its much brighter than the 3200 Elite and comes darn close to the 4200 Elite at an easier on the pocket book price.  About the only complaint people have is the power adjustment ring (over sized) and some don't like the look of it.  Thats cosmetic, and the oversize ring is great if your hunting in cold weather and using gloves.  jsut about everyone will tell you that the optics are great and a real deal for the price.  I also compared it side by side to the famous gold ring brand and the Weaver was much brighter and clearer.


good luck


If You're In A Fair Fight, You Didn't Plan It Properly
- Anonymous

Posted By: koshkin
Date Posted: November/28/2005 at 22:01

IF you are looking at scopes below $400, there is a bunch of stuff available that will knock the sock off of your old Leupold.  You can't go wrong with any of these: Bushnell Elite 4200, Burris Signature, Pentax Lightseeker, Weaver Grand Slam, SIghtron S2, Nikon Monarch.  Burris Fullfield II is quite good but half a step down from the other ones (still better than ELite 3200 though).



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