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Burris Six-X vs. Burris Euro Diamond

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Topic: Burris Six-X vs. Burris Euro Diamond
Posted By: Hatari
Subject: Burris Six-X vs. Burris Euro Diamond
Date Posted: September/15/2010 at 08:48

Although I love Swarovski, they have become ridiculously priced.  I put a Burris Euro Diamond on my father in laws gun for him a few years back, and although its not quite as good as my Swarovski, its pretty darn clear.  I can notice the difference in low lighte usage but its not $1000 dollars worth of difference.

So, with that said, I am planning on putting a Burris on my .325 WSM.  The problem is that I have not looked through a new Six X.  I am hoping some folks here have looked through/used both and can give me a good comparison of the optical quality between the two.
Thanks in advance all!

Posted By: bugsNbows
Date Posted: September/15/2010 at 11:53
Check the Members Tests and Reviews section. There is a discussion of said scope.

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Posted By: Hatari
Date Posted: September/15/2010 at 12:37
Thanks, I saw one review there.
I was hoping for a comparison of the two scopes, particularly the quality of the glass.

Posted By: 3_tens
Date Posted: September/15/2010 at 15:01
I have looked thru Swarovski and the Euro Diamonds. The Burris has very clear image. As good as the Zeiss to my eyes. The Swarovski will have better glass than the Burris. Flatter across the field of view edge to edge. At this level of scopes the law of diminishing returns in in full effect. It takes a lot more price to see a definitive difference. If you want a very good scope get the Burris and save some cash. If you want the top of the line and will not miss the cash to get it go to the Swarovski.

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Posted By: Hatari
Date Posted: September/15/2010 at 20:45
Have you by chance also looked through the Six X series?
I have a Swarovski PH I bought about 9 years ago from SWFA. Unfortunately the Swaro prices have jumped to absurd levels.Loco
I intend to get a Burris, just trying to decide between the Euro Diamond, which I have looked through, and the Six X, which I have not.  I am just wondering if the quality of the glass is the same between them.

Posted By: helo18
Date Posted: September/15/2010 at 20:50
I would go with the Six X, for me just because of the mag range, and the German 3P#4 reticle.  I really like the idea of a 2-12.

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Posted By: biggreen747
Date Posted: September/15/2010 at 21:11
The glass on the Six X is very similar to the Euro Diamond. I have both and there is not a-lot of difference at equal power settings. The advantage of the Six X of course is the expanded power range and the addition of Storm Coat if you hunt in nasty weather.


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Posted By: Magnumdood
Date Posted: September/15/2010 at 21:26
Originally posted by 3_tens 3_tens wrote:

If you want a very good scope get the Burris and save some cash. If you want the top of the line and will not miss the cash to get it go to the Swarovski Hensoldt.

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Posted By: Hatari
Date Posted: September/17/2010 at 10:22
Originally posted by biggreen747 biggreen747 wrote:

The glass on the Six X is very similar to the Euro Diamond. I have both and there is not a-lot of difference at equal power settings. The advantage of the Six X of course is the expanded power range and the addition of Storm Coat if you hunt in nasty weather.

Thanks biggreen747 (Eric)!

Posted By: Hatari
Date Posted: October/20/2011 at 14:25
I got a p.m. asking for an update on whether I got th Six X or not.
So, here is the update so far;
I tried to purchase a Eurodiamond last fall (I had decided on the Eurodiamond simply because of familiarity with the scope) only to find out they were discontinued.   So, I purchased a Six X instead.
It was a 2-12 x 40 with the illuminated E1 Ballistic Plex reticle.  I got it all mounted up on my Browning A-bolt .325 WSM (grade III octogon barrel version) and took it out to the range to verify it's sight in (I do a bore site technique using a laser boresighter so things are usually pretty darn close to start with). 
It was close, needed a click or two to get it where it needed to be.  Not great groups, but there are several factors there - one being the heavy trigger on the new gun that will not adjust any further down to where I like them.
I put a box of ammo through it, letting it cool between every couple rounds since the break in was not completed yet.  And finished up by busting a couple of rocks at 200 yards at the request of some of the guys at the range that day.Big Grin
Well,  since I wasn't used to the .325 yet and deer season was still a week or so off I went out to the range again just to get some time on the gun.  After the first clip, I couldn't seem to hit anywhere near the bullseye.  I started adjusting and basically chasing the sight-in as things got worse.  A couple of shots never even hit paper Shocked !
Then, just out of curiousity I tried to turn on the illuminated reticle and...NOTHING.  I bought a new battery just in case and NOTHING.  I shot a couple rounds just sighting down the barrel and was able to get back to hitting the target.  At this point I had  a total of about 2 and half boxes of 200 grain accubonds through the barrel.
I couldn't hear anything rattling around or anything, but it was apparent that the scope had failed in a big way.
So, I took it back of the gun, boxed it back up and sent it to Burris.  They sent me a new one with an earily similar, but not the same, serial number.  Since deer season was now upon me, the scope and gun were set aside until after the season while my stand-by Sako .308 with the Swarovski 1.5-6 x 42 PH and I went up into the hills in search of bambi.
Well, this summer, I finally got around to mounting the burris up on the .325 again (you know, winter low enthusiasm, then warmer weather but lots of work to do...).  I currently have another 2 and half boxes through the gun with the new scope on it and all seems to be holding up just fine.
The reticle is on the too-fine side, but the illumination is cool.  Don't know that I will ever actually use it, but it is there if I want it. 
I will give it a look-see against the Eurodiamond and Swaro PH later in the year so I can update that here then also.  For now, the glass seems nice, but not as good as the Swaro in low light condidtions...but I really didn't set them side by side yet.

Posted By: Casey in Alaska
Date Posted: October/20/2011 at 14:49
Thanks for the update!  I got mine mounted on my .375 H&H Win. Model 70 on Tuesday.  I have not shot it yet. So far I am happy with it.  Tough making the change from a 1" tube to a 30mm.  Seems like a BIG scope! :)  

The only other comment is there seems to be a lot of dead black area around the edge of FOV.  LIke I am looking at a 1" window inside a 30mm tube or something.  I am sure it is just me not being used to the scope.  I never noticed that much black area on my 1" Leupolds.

I will let you know how it shoots.  I have to get it ready for a deer hunt that starts Nov 27.

Casey in Alaska

Casey in Alaska

Posted By: coldhunt
Date Posted: October/23/2011 at 20:50
I have a 2-12 coming in ( been waiting just about a month) Burris certainly doesn't like to ship the day of order. Anyway I was able to look thru a sixx, a swaro z6, and I thru in a monarch because I have one on my -06. It was dusk and I got to take them outside. The swaro was by far the best, next came the burris then a distant 3rd was the monarch, and I like my monarch. The diminishing returns certainly came to mind, considering the swaro was 2.5 times the price of the burris. It would be past legal hunting light before there was anything I would shoot at that I couldn't see clearly with the burris. hopefully I will get this thing mounted and some range time before our hunting trip.

Posted By: Casey in Alaska
Date Posted: October/23/2011 at 21:28
Sounds Good ColdHunt.  I will be shooting mine this next month.  

Casey in Alaska

Posted By: coldhunt
Date Posted: October/27/2011 at 14:10
I finally got my 2-12 in and mounted. For now I am much happier with this scope than I thought I would be. To my eyes the image is very sharp at all mag ranges, I love the field of view set on 2. Not quite in Swaro catigory @ 60+ft @100yds, but at 50ft @100yds it is well above most 3-9 etc which are in the 29 to 35ft @100 yds. This gives me much more confidence in the bush up here in Alberta, where there are plenty of animals that can and will hunt the hunter. The E1 reticle is a bit thin and washed out when unlit, but is very clear with a small amount of ilumination. The low light clarity is better than expected as well, and will be more than I will ever need for legal hunting.
I stepped up and bought Near mounts for this rig after a tip from Bigdaddy. I made a comment on those in rings and bases.

Posted By: Hatari
Date Posted: December/09/2011 at 09:00
Well, so far I have another 2 boxes of .325 through the rifle with the Six X on it and everything seems to be holding up.

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