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T/C Contender needs some glass

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Topic: T/C Contender needs some glass
Posted By: tejas
Subject: T/C Contender needs some glass
Date Posted: June/29/2010 at 00:00
I recently got a good deal on a Contender with a 14"bbl in .204. It has iron sights but beyond 35 or so yds Im not very lethal with it. Im not wanting to break the # - bank so ive been looking for stuff around the 200.00 range. Im not sure if i want a red dot or a low powered scope, say 1.5-4 or so. The Ultra dots look pretty good and have gotten good reviews but with my poor eyes I may need some magnification. What do yall think about the Weaver handgun scopes? They seem resonably priced. Mostly, Ill just be punching paper with this thing. Thanx all.

Posted By: tahqua
Date Posted: June/29/2010 at 05:32
The Bushnell Trophy will come in just under your price point. -
All of my hanguns have either Leupold or Burris on them. My .223 Contender has a  1-4x20 Burris on it. It is fine for two hundred yard shots on varmints.

Posted By: JPinSC
Date Posted: June/30/2010 at 10:02
I have tried Burris, Leupold, Bushnell, BSA, and Sightron EER scopes on various T/C barrels and revolvers.  Do not waste your money on BSA.  Of the rest, I find the Sightron has the clearest glass to my eyes.  I only use 2x magnification as I get the wobbles at higher magnification and 2x is enough for as far as I will use a handgun for deer.  I do not see an EER scope on SWFA's Sightron list so Sightron may have dropped that line in favor of their red dots. If you can find one they are a good scope and were within your price level.

Posted By: tejas
Date Posted: June/30/2010 at 21:40
    Thanks for the input. Ill look into those you mentioned. What do you think about this one? -
Was also looking at a Thompson Center 2x my local dealer has for around the same price.

Posted By: JPinSC
Date Posted: July/01/2010 at 08:39
I have never looked thru a Nikon EER scope, but my experiernce with Nikon rifle scopes and range finders has been very positive.  If I were in the market for a variable EER scope, I would give serious consideration to it!

Posted By: Urimaginaryfrnd
Date Posted: July/01/2010 at 22:14
Burris  2x handgun scope would be my pick in fact i just bought one based on the fact that my 1x Burris has had hell beat out of it on a 45-70 Encore hunting pistol.


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Posted By: tahqua
Date Posted: July/02/2010 at 09:08
My experience with Nikon scopes has also been postive. I would give the scope mentioned serious consideration, too.

Posted By: tejas
Date Posted: July/02/2010 at 17:04
Thanx all, think Ill go with the Nikon. Ive heard good things about the Burris handgun scopes but they seem to be more pricey in the same power range.

Posted By: okc4956
Date Posted: July/03/2010 at 11:29
x2 iwith the Nikon at that price. Those are pretty good scopes I think. A friend of mine has one on a .454 Casull and it's standing the pain of that pretty well...

Posted By: tejas
Date Posted: July/05/2010 at 23:43
Went ahead and ordered that nikon. I also ordered a redfield three ring mount, it was a package deal, 50 something shipped. Ill let yall know how it all works out.

Posted By: tahqua
Date Posted: July/06/2010 at 10:07
Originally posted by okc4956 okc4956 wrote:

x2 iwith the Nikon at that price. Those are pretty good scopes I think. A friend of mine has one on a .454 Casull and it's standing the pain of that pretty well...
Uh huh!

Posted By: Steelbenz
Date Posted: July/06/2010 at 12:49
Why is it that whenever I read about someone shooting a .454 Casull, pain is never to far away in the paragraph?  Roll on Floor Laughing

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Posted By: tejas
Date Posted: July/12/2010 at 23:03

    Set it all up and took it to the range this weekend. Im very happy with the scope. Its sharp, and bright. Eye relief is just about right for me too. Shot several three inch groups at 100 yds. Im not too disappointed with that considering its my first scoped handgun. Im sure Ill do better with some practice.

Im not thrilled with the Redfield mount. It didnt include the mounting screws for the base and the ones on the rear sight are too short. Had to go to my local gun dealer and purchase these. Wish I had spent extra and got something with QD rings.
    Thanx for the input all.

Posted By: che
Date Posted: February/09/2011 at 00:35
What mount for a EER scope on a contender are you guys happy with? I likewise have only the iron sights currently...

Posted By: bill99
Date Posted: February/16/2011 at 14:59
Take a look at my post Concerning Weaver Scope Eye Relief.  Weaver doesn't post their Eye relief, I had to send 'em an email to get it, but for the 2X8 it's 16 to 25 inches. I can just get the distance from my eye to the rear optic of the scope to 16" with my arm fully extended & I've a 33" sleeve. Makes me think more than twice about buying another Weaver handgun scope. If you're looking for a good scope at a decent price I'd suggest Simmons, got four of 'em & have had no problems, also have some Nikons, excellent glass. If you've deep pockets, look at Burris & Leopold.

Posted By: TCEncore300MAG
Date Posted: April/07/2013 at 15:31
The only long range [for me anyway] Encore bull barrel I have is a 17.5 in 300 Win. Mag., use a 2-7 Burris. It has held up well. Going to put another 2-7 Burris on a 264 Win. Mag.

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Posted By: sscoyote
Date Posted: April/12/2013 at 15:59
This is an old thread, but i also like the 2.5-8x Nikon. For ~200 you get a ballistic reticle and a target turret. I have one mounted on a 22-250 Striker and have shot less than MOA to 425 yds. with a good degree of consistency in good conditions--">
Here it is on a rimfire i often use on PD's--">
Also putting one on a custom 243 XP-100 for coyotes to long range, and am sure it'll be just perfect for it.
For colony varmints though at distance i'm partial to the 3-12x Burris, especially in a rear grip configuration. The only issue with this optic is that the eye relief is a bit too long from the prone position off a bipod @ 12x with a center-grip stock.


Posted By: Halvis
Date Posted: May/25/2013 at 19:48
Thanks for bringing this old one up, as I am a TC Contender fan. Maybe one day...

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