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Is Nikon buckmaster repeatable?????

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Topic: Is Nikon buckmaster repeatable?????
Posted By: stork23raz
Subject: Is Nikon buckmaster repeatable?????
Date Posted: June/01/2010 at 07:40
Hey guys, I got a Savage 93R17BTVS  17HMR topped with Nikon buckmasters 6-18x40mm scope w/ target knobs. I shoot them pesky critters in the backyard. Up to this point I have been doing hold overs and using the post as references on my moa of drop.  Not the best  most accurate but it has go the job done. I also use it for paper punching on occasion. But I want to be more precise.
So my question is does this scope have a reputation for being repeatable? Cause I sure dont want to miss cause my scope isnt repeatable.

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Posted By: cyborg
Date Posted: June/01/2010 at 09:37
It is repeatable.... Do a box test to be sure that yours is doing what it should be. That will remove any doubts that you may have.

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Posted By: Teddy Bear
Date Posted: June/01/2010 at 09:47
I have no experience with the diamondback but have heard good things about it. I have a bushnell banner 3.5-10 calibrated for the 17HMR on my FVSS but don't even use the BDC.  Its been great on starlings at 80yds and groundhogs out to 200yds, haven't tried past that yet.  My biggest concern is the wind on such a light bullet so I carry a chart with me.  A 10mph crosswind will drift 3.44 inches at 100yds which is no big deal on a groundhog but by 200yds it drifts slightly over 16 inches.  Takes alot of the guesswork out of it.

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