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7mm short mag scope

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Topic: 7mm short mag scope
Posted By: Danimal
Subject: 7mm short mag scope
Date Posted: September/03/2005 at 05:23

I tried to do enough research and searches before posting this and also narrowed down my options, since I know it's annoying to have to answer the same questions over and over again.  Here goes:


I have a 7mm short mag that weighs 6 lbs, 12 ounces.  I have not shot it yet.

I am looking for a scope for hunting deer in North Dakota, and possibly elk in Colorado.  North Dakota deer may be taken in close (under a tree) or out pretty far, since it's wide open here.  My price range is somewhere near the 300-350 dollar range, preferable under 300.  I am interested in something like variable 4-14 or in that range.  I don't want a 50 mm objective.  I'd like to stick with 40, 44, etc.  I have eliminated Leupold as an option for me for various reasons, so please keep that in mind without getting angry.


I checked and they eliminate the Burris FF II line because of eye relief issues.  Does anyone have any experience with these scopes on a rifle similar to mine to have an opinion?


Are the short mag scopes by Burris just a marketing scheme?  I love the features (eye relief, etc.) and price, but my major issue is that 32 mm objective.  Should that be a major issue for me?  It seemed to be an issue on their website.


Another option I was thinking of is the Nikon Buckmaster.  It should have plenty of eye relief, but is the quality going to be as good as the Burris Short Mag?  The comparison of the two in actual quality and features seems to point easily to the Burris (in fact, Burris ranks it as good as the FF II's, plus constant eye relief), except for that 32 mm objective on the Burris.  The Burris is also about $100 more expensive.


I realize that dropping to a 3 x 9  40 would really give me more options in my price range, but I really like that higher power. I like the Sightron SII and Nikon Monarchs, but they're probably out of my price range and I'm not a big fan of the reticles on Nikons.


....or should I wait to see what the new Super Sniper line brings?


Any opinions and attempts at good advice will be welcome.  Thank you in advance.



Posted By: sscoyote
Date Posted: September/07/2005 at 02:20

While you're at it take a look at these guys-- -


They have a 3-9X 40mm with a great long-range ballistic reticle in the 1st focal plane. Their optics are fully coated, and many other features. Check out the website for specifics.


Posted By: Danimal
Date Posted: September/10/2005 at 00:33
Thanks for the response coyote.  Does anyone else have an opinion or advice?

Posted By: Desert Sandman
Date Posted: September/18/2005 at 09:36


I wouldn't pay too much attention to the "" recommendations on scopes. 

The "Mods" list is totally the opinion of the person that runs the place, if you read enough at that forum, you will see his own BIASED personal preferences are recommended highly and everything else takes a back seat.

I mean, come on, excluding many fine scopes because it misses HIS arbitrary  minimum length of eye relief by a mear .25" of an inch?


I say get the scope want, don't sweat .25" eye relief.


Since you stated:  "My price range is somewhere near the 300-350 dollar range, preferable under 300.  I am interested in something like variable 4-14 or in that range." 


You might want to take a look at  Bushnell Elite 3200 5x15x40, it meets or exceeds the MOD's requirements.


Posted By: Danimal
Date Posted: September/19/2005 at 06:29
I hear what you're saying Sandman, and appreciate the response.  I guess the MOD on that forum had to set the requirement for eye relief somewhere.  I realize that everyone shoots differently, but I wish I knew someone who's shot a light weight 7mm WSM that has tried one of the Fullfields, etc. and would love to know their opinion on the eye relief.  I'm thinking that because of financial issues and a wedding coming up, I'll probably go with the Sightron SII  series 3-9X40.  They seem to get consistent good reviews around a few forums.  I realize I don't really need more magnification than 9 for my purposes, but it would be nice to have, and the price obviously jumps for more magnification.

Posted By: koshkin
Date Posted: September/19/2005 at 11:25

I have a Sightron S2 3-9x42 and optically you will not find anything better for anywehere near the money.  Fullfield II, Elite 3200 and Buckmaster are not as good.  Fullfield II should have more or less sufficient eye relief, but SIghtron S2 has more eye relief and better glass.  Both are rugged.  Sightron has a greater adjustment range and  better adjustments.  Fullfield II has Ballistic Plex reticle available, but I do not think it is especially relevant for most hunting.  For a bit more money, but still in your price range you can get a SIghtron S2 3-12x42 with MilDot which can be used for holdover if you want.


Burris Short Mag scopes do have longer eye relief.  Optically, they are the same quality as Fullfield II.  The tradoff for compact scopes is narrower field of view, smaller adjustment range and smaller exit pupil at higher magnifications.  Personally, I think you can't go wrong with Sightron S2 line (all in all, I am probably the biggest Sightron fan on this forum).


Weaver Grand Slam 3-10x40 is a nice scope, but eye relief on it is a bit too short for my taste.


I have not used rapidreticle scopes.  They are pretty new, so there is not a whole lot of reviews on them yet.  Also Buckmaster has just been redesigned and I am not sure how different it is from the previous models.



Posted By: Danimal
Date Posted: September/19/2005 at 11:38



Thanks for the good advice.  It pretty much mirrors my most recent conclusions and research in the past few weeks.


What are your thoughts on the Ballistic Plex regarding your statement about the relevance of using it while hunting?


I've pretty much decided on the Sightron Series, because a person is better off deciding on a scope because of better glass rather than a fancy reticle, but I'm just wondering about your specific thoughts on the Ballistic Plex and it's relevance to hunting.  Thanks.

Posted By: koshkin
Date Posted: September/19/2005 at 11:57

It depends on what your are hunting and what caliber you are shooting.  Most hunting is within 300 yards.  Well, with most big game hunting cartridges (30-06, 308, 280Rem. various 7mm mags, etc) you really do not care much about holdover within 300 yards.  If you are shooting something slow and heavy fairly far out (45-70 for example) it might be more relevant.  For people who take shots at deer at 500 yards holdover hash marks can be pretty important (although I do not hink it is a good idea).  I like Ballistic Plex for target shotting (my range has steel plates out to 700 yeards) because I am too lazy to count clicks in most cases.  It works well for varmint shooting since you shoot pretty far out and the target is very small.


For shooting large animals like elk inside of 300 yards I do not think there is a need.



Posted By: Danimal
Date Posted: September/19/2005 at 13:40

Thanks again koshkin,


I actually just found a Sightron that I think I'll get.  If I make my final decision, I'm going to see if Chris on the forum here can match/beat it, since this forum has been very helpful to me.

Posted By: koshkin
Date Posted: September/19/2005 at 13:47

You are very welcome.  In a different thread, Chris was able to beat the best Sightron prices I;ve seen elsewhere.



Posted By: Danimal
Date Posted: September/21/2005 at 07:12
I found a Sightron 4.5-14 x 42  Illuminated Mil Dot  for $299 at competitor.   A damn good deal, I think.  I called and asked why it was such a good price.  They said they were being discontinued.  They had three left.  I called Sightron, who verified that they are being discontinued due to not enough sales of that type of product.  Sightron said they didn't have any left.  I asked what would happen if I needed to use the lifetime warranty.  They said that they always keep a few in stock.  I jumped on the deal.  Hopefully it was a good decision.  It's a lot more scope than what I need for my purposes, but I'm pretty sure it was a good choice, especially for that price.  I'll let you know how it goes.  Thanks for the advice koshkin.  I would have asked Chris to beat it, but Sightron said they didn't even have any left, so I couldn't wait.

Posted By: DAVE44
Date Posted: September/27/2005 at 21:02
Koshkin, I called an optics dealer to ask a few questions and when I asked him about the Sightron SII he said they were a bit of a let down and were just crap. I know you are a fan of sightron scopes. The dealer said the Nikon Monarch was a far superior scope to Sightron SII. I dont have access any sightrons where I live so a comparison is hard to make myself. Have you had any problems with any of your sightrons and what kind of warranty do they have?

Posted By: koshkin
Date Posted: September/27/2005 at 21:15



Interesting.  I currently have three Sightron scopes (S1 3-9x40MD, S2 3-9x42MD and S2 3-15AO) and I have not had any problems with any one them. I am not sure who this dealer is, but I am guessing that he is making more money on Monarchs than on Sightrons.  I have compared a bunch of scopes here and there and I think that S2 is optically very comparable to the Monarch.  If anything, I think S2 has slightly better center field resolution, but I am really splitting hairs here.  S2 has more eye relief and a larger adjustment range.  On top of that it costs a bit less and has a lifetime replacement waranty (if you ever need to use it).  Do not get me worng Monarchs are very good scopes and you can't really go wrong with either one, but I think Sightrons offers more for the money.  The two Monarchs that I've had reasonable amount of experience with were a 3-9x40 and 1.5-4.5x20.  I do not currently have them though as I buy and sell scopes a fair bit (can't afford to just buy them; have to sell to try new stuff).  I've also looked through a couple of other Nikon scopes here and there, but not to the same extent.



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