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Changing Kahles CL multi zero settings

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Topic: Changing Kahles CL multi zero settings
Posted By: BobbyD
Subject: Changing Kahles CL multi zero settings
Date Posted: July/28/2005 at 00:23

How difficult is it to change the range settings on a multi zero in a hunting situation?


I have heard that the tool is required, but I figure I must have misunderstood something since this seems to make no sense for a hunting scope.  To be effective, I would think the changes would have to be easy and quick to make.


Even if it is easily changed, I think I prefer the TDS reticle to the MZ because

1.  It is usable with no adjustments

2.  It has the windage guideline for different distances.


Am I missing anything in the applications?


If the TDS is not available in the CL, how does the Swaro. AV measure up to it?



Posted By: ranburr
Date Posted: July/28/2005 at 00:45

I was under the impession that you simply turned the nob to one of five click stops.  It is also my understanding that it will work on any power setting.  Correct me if I am wrong, but the TDS only works at max magnification on a second focal plane scope.   I would much prefer the CL over a TDS.



Posted By: BobbyD
Date Posted: July/28/2005 at 01:36

Great observation regarding the power settings!  I did not realize the CL worked on any magnification, and you are right, the TDS AV only works at max power.  This is a huge edge for the CL and really makes the adjustments prior to shooting much more of a wash.


It seems the only real advantage of the TDS is the windage setting, which seems more than offset by the CL's superior optics and the multi zero.


If the range adjustments are quick and easy, the CL really widens the gap in the lead it already had established in my mind. 


Do you know if the turret cap must be removed for the range changes on the CL?


Have you compared the optics of the CL to the Swaro. AV?  Is there a big difference?


Thanks for sharing your experience and expertise!

Posted By: Brady
Date Posted: July/28/2005 at 08:30
The kahles multikey securely locks the base zero setting in multizero mode and prevents unintentional changes. No key is required for field operation of the scope or adjusting the mulitzero index marks.

Posted By: Chris Farris
Date Posted: September/20/2005 at 14:41

Operating Instructions


Basic Operation: - 4 Sight Settings


In mode “A”, sight your rifle in at up to 4 different distances.At each distance, simply rotate an individual stainless steel index ring to align with the main index mark on the scope body. Use the lowest ring for your closest distance. This customizes your turret and creates reference marks for each distance. For use, simply identify your target’s distance, turn the turret accordingly to set your distance and hold “dead on”.


Advanced Operations: - 5 Sight Settings


Step # 1

Begin sighting in at your closest desired distance. For your first sight setting, turret must be in mode “A”


Step # 2

After completing step #1, use the multiKey and set the turret to mode “B”. When the turret is in mode “B”, turn the turret counter clockwise until it stops. Note: This process establishes your first sight setting at the bottom of the elevation rotation AND creates a “one revolution” window of operation for further settings.


Step # 3

After completing step #2, use the multizero key and set the turret to mode “C”. In mode “C”, move to your next desired distance and sight your rifle in turning the turret normally. At each distance, simply rotate an individual stainless steel index ring (Do not change mode) to align with the main index mark on the scope body. Use the lowest ring for your closest distance. Note: When finished, you will have 5 sight settings, your

“base”plus 4 additional distances and you will have created from mode “B”, a one revolution window of operation so you can never lose track of your original sight setting.

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