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standard SS 10x42

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Topic: standard SS 10x42
Posted By: danjojoUSMC
Subject: standard SS 10x42
Date Posted: September/28/2009 at 15:53
It's hard to really get a handle on this, in comparison with other scopes where does the SS 10x fall in line as far as optics go? 
Some people's words have made it seem as good as Nikon Monarch/Bushnell Elite 4200 level, and others have pointed more towards Nikon Buckmasters/Burris Fullfield 2 level.
Generally all that is stated is how it is very durable, has excellent tactical knobs, and you get more than your money's worth in overal quality...but can you guys name some scopes that are on a similar level for clarity, resolution, brightness, contrast, etc.?

Posted By: Trays 7940
Date Posted: September/28/2009 at 16:09
USMC, I have a Bushnell Elite, Firefly and a Leupold VXII that I would trade- in a minute for a SS 10x or the SS 3x9... JMPO.
I think you have to see the SS to believe it....
I had a friend out the other day and he is die hard Leupold.  After looking at the SS and Leupold together, he walked away with a new respect for the SS.  He is still a Leupold nut but, he dosent look at me cross eyed when I bring up the SS in conversations now...

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Posted By: supertool73
Date Posted: September/28/2009 at 16:12
Having an SS 10x and an Bushnell 4200, I would say they are pretty close optically.  The 4200 might be a hair better, but not to much.

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Posted By: danjojoUSMC
Date Posted: September/28/2009 at 17:42
Thanks for the speedy replies gents
Trays you still have that feeling you mentiond in the 10xHD post that the standard 10x42 might be 11 or 12x magnification?

Posted By: Urimaginaryfrnd
Date Posted: September/28/2009 at 18:50
Part of it comes down to how much money can you afford to spend.  If you are in that $300 range you should probably go with a standard 10x SS but you could select a higher power if it wont be used in really low light.  If you need to engage targets under 100   you better start thinking about the variable.  If you can afford the much improved HD model you will be one of only a hand full of guys to ever have one. The variable model is better glass than a 4200 and the standard 10x is not as good of glass as a 4200 or a Leu VX3  but certainly better than a Bushnell Trophy or VXII which is quite useable probably most easily compared to Bushnell 3200 type glass +   The bottom line is that even though the HD has much better glass that the standard 10x both are  VERY combat capable.  What  you are getting with the HD is the mil based turrets the better glass and even tougher build which is hard to imagine since the standard one was nearly bulletproof.  Since I have owned every model except the 16x I would suggest you buy the variable if you are using it on a .223  (5.56mm) and buy the 10x HD if you are using it on a .308  (7.62mm)  if you had any concept of how much more user friendly it is to sight in using mil based turrets you would want them.  If on the other hand you cant spend the money the 10x will be a good entry level scope and even the 20x is more useable than you might think you will just notice it getting grey at night but in full daylight its a pleasure to use and for the last few months cheaper than its ever been so I suspect these that are in stock will be the last of the 20x model.  Ive had one before and I bought another 20x a couple of days ago.


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Posted By: danjojoUSMC
Date Posted: September/28/2009 at 19:15

I think the size of one I get will depend on whatever other scope I get.  My father confirmed for me that he'll just give up the Savage 308 he's been holding on to for me back in Ohio, I thought he would change his mind but he rather do more fishing than shooting the past couple years.  So that makes up my decision of 308 or 30-06, free is free even though I wanted to try 30-06 shooting 208 A-Max's at 2700fps, if anything later on I'll just get a new barrel and swap it out.

So if prayers are answered with the police department job I'm in process with now, I can start buying these things instead of just dreaming about them.
I think if I do a variable with 12x or 14x max I'll give the SS 20x a shot....and if I grab a variable that is 16x or 20x max I'll get a 10x.  This way I'll be able to compare certain features with earned experience actually using them and I'll have a spare scope/reason to get another rifle.

Posted By: Trays 7940
Date Posted: September/28/2009 at 23:35
Originally posted by danjojoUSMC danjojoUSMC wrote:

Thanks for the speedy replies gents
Trays you still have that feeling you mentiond in the 10xHD post that the standard 10x42 might be 11 or 12x magnification?
No, I think we figured it had to do with the greater eye relief and the shorter main tube of the 10XHD. 
I have since gone back and played with the 10XHD and I feel that I have, for lack of better terms, gotten use to the effect and it is not a problem.  The glass is just outstanding and I really like the mil/mil scope.  In fact, I would have gone and baught one this week but I had to put new brakes on my daughter's truck. ( she wore out the rotors before telling me she was having a problem... geez.)

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