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Ramshot Powders

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Topic: Ramshot Powders
Posted By: koshkin
Subject: Ramshot Powders
Date Posted: September/25/2009 at 14:00
I've been on a quest (of a sort) to slowly switch to powders that meter well.  Ramshot powders seem to all be spherical in shape, so they should meter as well as anything out there.  However, I can not find them here in local stores.

Does anyone have experience with these powders?  If I order online, it will have to be in reasonable quantity, so I am curious about other people experiences before I commit to buying a whole bunch of it.


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Posted By: BeltFed
Date Posted: September/25/2009 at 14:34
I've heard that TAC is very clean burning, and meters well (looks like Win. 748). I have a pound of it but I haven't had a chance to try it yet.

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Posted By: koshkin
Date Posted: September/29/2009 at 02:17
I recalled reading somewhere that John Barseness has some mileage with Ramshot powders, so I went ahead and asked him in a PM.

In a nutshell, he thinks very highly of Ramshot powders.  They are reasonably temperature insensitive and very clean burning (there is some sort of a de-coppering agent in TAC that makes it especially clean burning).  Lot to lot consistency is better than most.

I will order a few pounds of Ramshot powders and experiment a little.


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Posted By: pyro6999
Date Posted: September/29/2009 at 06:28
we look forward to reading your findings

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Posted By: GenNBForrest
Date Posted: September/30/2009 at 15:07
I like Ramshot TAC for .223/5.56 loads

Meters spot on in my 650.

But, I like Clays for all my IDPA loads. Even with it being "flake" I still get ±0.1g metering.

Posted By: GenNBForrest
Date Posted: September/30/2009 at 15:12
Ramshot can be found at Widners online:|283|473


competitor online:

Posted By: ckk1106
Date Posted: September/30/2009 at 16:02
I use Ramshot Tac for all of my 5.56 rounds.  I've been very happy with it.Big Smile

Posted By: koshkin
Date Posted: September/30/2009 at 16:58
It looks liek TAC is very popular.  John B said he uses it with 50gr Nosler BT with great success.


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The greatest obstacle to discovery is the illusion of knowledge

Posted By: Black n Tan
Date Posted: October/02/2009 at 02:05
Ramshot Magnum is favorite for the 257 and 300 WBY's. I have my best groups with it. Just need a tripod to chrono my loads with now.

Posted By: John Barsness
Date Posted: October/03/2009 at 11:08
Actually TAC is also good with 40's and 55's in the .223/5.56, but truly outstanding with 50's. As I ave mentioned elsewhee, Nosler is now using 26.0 grains of TAC as their standard load for testing 50-grain Ballistic Tips in their lab, which is the same load I have been using for years in several .223's.
I have been using Ramshot rifle powder for about 8 years now, since they were introduced. Among the case/bullet combinations that have worked outstandingly (and often in more than one rifle) are:
.204 Ruger--TAC with any bullet weight.
.223 Remington--TAC with any bullet weight up to 55 (I tend to prefer Varget with bullets over 55)
.250 Savage--Big Game with 100-grain bullets
.257 Roberts--Hunter with 100-grain bullets, Magnum with 115-120's.
.25-06--Magnum with 115-120 grain bullets
.257 Weatherby--Magnum with 100-120 grain bullets
6.5x55--Magnum with 140-grain bullets
.270 Winchester--Hunter with 130-150 grain bullets
.270 Weatherby--Magnum with any bullet
.270 WSM--Hunter with any bullet
7mm-08--Big Game with 140's
.280 Ackley--Hunter with any bullet
.308 Winchester--TAC with 150's
.30-06--Big game with 150's and Hunter with 180's have become my standard loads
.300 WSM--Hunter with any bullet
.300 Winchester Magnum--Magnum with 180 and, especially, 200-grain bullets
.300 Weatherby Magnum--Magnum with any bullet weight from 165 up
.338 Winchester Magnum--Hunter with 225-250 grain bullets (I suspect Big Game will work very well with 200-210 grain bullets but haven't done enough testing to be positive yet.)
.340 Weatherby--Hunter with 210's, Magnum with 250's
.358 Winchester--TAC with 225-250's
.350 Remington Magnum--TAC with 225-250's
.358 Norma Magnum--Big Game with 250's
9.3x62--Big Game with 286's
.375 H&H--Hunter with 300's
.416 Remington Magnum--TAC with 400's
.416 Rigby--Magnum with 400's

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