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Nikon 82 ED--My Point of View

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Topic: Nikon 82 ED--My Point of View
Posted By: JGRaider
Subject: Nikon 82 ED--My Point of View
Date Posted: August/13/2009 at 13:26
I hope you guys find this interesting:
Well I got my new spotter, a Nikon Fieldscope 82 ED and have been fiddling with it for a couple of days now. To say I'm impressed would be an understatement. For those who care, here's what I've found:

Build/Quality-outstanding. Everything that's supposed to move or twist does so very, very smoothly. I like the metal construction and rubber focus ring and sunshade. The canvas slip on case fits like a glove. It will be no problem keeping this on while in the field.

The 25-75x zoom--I knew going into this deal that the zoom eyepiece had a rather narrow field of view and marginal eye relief. Eye relief for eyeglass wearers could be tough, but for a non eyeglass wearer (like me) it's not an issue. The zoom does have much narrower field of view than my buddie's Zeiss 85.

Optics--the view through the 82ed is fantastic. It is razor sharp all the way to 75x, which under the right atmospheric conditions is very usable. Edge to edge is very sharp, resolution is fantastic as is contrast. I found no color bias of any kind. All at least on par with my buddie's Zeiss, but the Nikon was slightly sharper w/ slightly better resolution to my eyes. He agreed. I was able to view a herd of domestic goats at a distance of 2 1/2 miles @ 75x in late evening. It was somewhat dim (what do you expect in late eve @ high power?) but I could easily make out what they were, and if they had horns. I put a Muley Crazy dvd cover (all I could find handy), and set it up at 50 yards. I could clearly and easily read the back of the case @ 75x. At first I wasn't thrilled with the helical focus ring, but I soon got used to it and now images just snap into focus quickly. It is a very quick focusing system.

In short I couldn't be happier. In regards to pure optics (not counting narrow field of view on the zoom), I cannot imagine a better view from any maker, although I admittedly haven't looked through a Kowa or Swaro HD, but they obviously max out at 60x and the Nikon's zoom is clear and sharp @ 75x. The real kicker is the Nikon is about $1000 cheaper.

Take that for what it's worth.  

Posted By: BeltFed
Date Posted: August/13/2009 at 14:50
JG take it to the range and give us a report. Sounds like you got a good scope.

Life's concerns should be about the 120lb pack your trying to get to the top of the mountain, and not the rock in your boot.

Posted By: RifleDude
Date Posted: August/13/2009 at 17:37
Good to hear, JG!  I know how you labored over your decision, so I'm glad you are happy with your purchase!Thunbs Up 


Money can't buy happiness... but it's much more comfortable to cry in a Porsche than on a bicycle.

Posted By: Tranan
Date Posted: August/18/2009 at 19:51
I owned one of these as well as a Diascope 85 and now a Kowa Prominar 883 88mm. I fully agree with you. This spotting scope is totally on the same level with the absolute best. I think, however that both the Zeiss, the Swarovski and definitely Kowa are better but as you said, they only go up to 60x.
I sold mine because I thought  it had too narrow of a field of view, which I rather dislike, and because I needed money at the time Big Grin. I strongly recomend it as a great scope for the money.


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