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Leupold gold ring

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Topic: Leupold gold ring
Posted By: jwduckman
Subject: Leupold gold ring
Date Posted: August/10/2009 at 14:39

I saw the Leupold gold rings on ebay and through trying to research them online I found this website and realized your selling them. I've got a pair of Nikon Monarch 8x42's and have been looking for more magnification for hunts out west. Are the Gold Rings a definite step up from the Nikon? The GR's seem like a great deal at $600 but I wonder how they go from $1400 in 2005 or 06, down to $1000 and then down to $600. Were they way overpriced to begin with? And if the new GR HD is better glass why do they start for less than these older GR's were just a few years ago. Is the quality coming down or just cheaper production costs? Any help or info on the GR's would be appreciated, this decision is driving me nuts!


Posted By: lucytuma
Date Posted: August/10/2009 at 15:18
Can't give any reason for the price questions, but I have looked through the hd models and I thought the were nice.  I opted for the meoptas because I thought they were a hair better and I liked the feel of the meopta better. 

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Posted By: lucznik
Date Posted: August/10/2009 at 17:27
I can't be absolutely sure as the SWFA page has some errors in the product descriptions (for example, Leupold GRs are incorrectly listed as being Porro prism binoculars) but, based on the listed product/stock #, it would appear that the $599.95 Golden Ring binocular is the Boone and Crocket kit and that it is the older, non-HD version of the Golden Ring.  This would account for the lower price tag as normally, HD Golden Rings sell for between $775 and $800.

Just a couple products down the list you will find this identical binocular kit, though presumably with HD glass (though still listed as a Porro prism binocular) and selling for $999.95.

For what it's worth, and assuming my guesses here were correct, if I were in the market right now, I would personally elect for that non-HD version of the Golden Ring B&C kit and would then put the $400 I saved toward a new rangefinder or something like that.

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Posted By: nova88
Date Posted: August/17/2009 at 17:21
the non hd are almost as good and not enough difference to pay the extra 400 for sure

Posted By: Bitterroot Bulls
Date Posted: August/18/2009 at 19:08
Gold Ring HD and Gold Ring (non-HD) are both quality binoculars backed by a quality company.  I got rid of mine due to the lack of a tripod adapter threading (I also went to Meopta).  I think you would be happy with them for $600, but you really may want to check out the Zen Ray ED products.  Better glass, lower price.  However, there is some risk in a new company like Zen Ray.  SWFA has great prices on Zen Ray.

I agree that 10x is a great magnification for western hunting.
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Posted By: Acenturian
Date Posted: August/19/2009 at 01:45

I'll share my experience of a couple years ago. I was looking for good high end glass.  Saved my pennies.  I looked at the BIG 3 (Swarovski, Leica and Zeiss) as well as Nikon Premire Series which was right up there with the big 3 and in the same price range. I also looked at jumping down one small step to say Meopta, Kahles, Minox HG's and Leupold Golden Rings.

At the time the retail for the Golden Rings were up there with the Meopta's and Minox HG about $900.  I thought the GR were nice but not up there with the other $900 glass and definitly not up to the top four. However, with that being said for what I have seen them going for as of late around $600 I think they are a really good buy. 

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